Abortion – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Abortion - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Did you just dream of abortion? Searched the internet and found no meaning that really touched your heart? Do you have any idea what this dream wants to tell you? Then read this article carefully, as we will clarify everything in detail.

However, before we get into the theme of the dream itself it is very good to pay attention to an important tip: did you dream of abortion? Don’t go around looking for all your possible meanings at once! Sit back, relax, try to remember as many details as possible of this dream, because surely this will be fundamental for a correct analysis.

In general, dreaming of abortion is not a good omen, after all abortion itself is an extreme act that eliminates at once, without chances of defense, a life in theory innocent. This is a naked and raw meaning of reality, without any value judgment.

Dreaming Of Someone’s Abortion

Abortion - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

This dream has a direct meaning for you, even if it is a known person aborting in the dream. Indicates that you may experience problems in your relationship or you may fight with someone in the family or very close person. Double your attention so you don’t get hurt.

In some cases, for women, it may represent an important transition period in which rapid adaptation to the new reality is fundamental.

In other cases, for men, it may represent the so-called “pain in conscience”. Reflect on life and see what can be done to change. Apologizing or going back is always a noble attitude!

In both cases the dream comes to indicate a need for change for the better. Start judging your reality better, so you can find the place where you have failed lately.

You Aborted In The Dream

Abortion - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

This means that we may be going through a moment of great tension or anxiety in life, it is a defense of our own being warning that this situation, if continued, can lead to some health problem. Take care of yourself!

At this point this may mean that some addiction will bring you problems. If you smoke or drink a lot, start becoming aware of it, otherwise it may become something bigger that will be out of your control.

If you have already had an abortion then it is good to consider this other option that we highlight! For in these cases it is very common to move even if unconscious of the organism itself in the sense of repentance.

Note that here there is no value judgment, what happens is that involuntarily the female body has in its instinct a kind of need to preserve the species, hence the meaning of the dream for those who have already aborted.

Don’t blame yourself so much for this, the past is gone and you need to focus a little more on the present. It is normal to repent of your actions, but be proud of your growth and maturity always, this is very important.

Natural Abortion

Dreaming of natural abortion means that some of your plans may fail in the coming days. Don’t count on all things in your favor from now on, calm your heart and try to find new ways out.


Abortion - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Dreaming of miscarriage means that you are not achieving the maximum in your income, this is a serious problem. This is not always your fault, start to realize what sucks you from getting where you want.

It can be a toxic relationship, a friendship that takes you down, a person that makes you believe you are not capable… watch out!

Dead Embryo

Dreaming of abortion also characterizes dreaming of dead embryo. This dream comes to tell you that some bad attitude from your past condemns you even today.

It is important to silence the ghosts of the past so that your life does not become painful over time. Go, increasingly accepting what happened, taste repentance if you think it is necessary.

The big problem is not exactly to have done something wrong, but not to forgive yourself for it the way you should.

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