Baby – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Baby - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

For many people the meaning of dreams is something very important, because they are looking for answers to the memories of dreams they have been constantly having. Almost always dreams show our desires or fears of our subconscious.

When dreaming of a baby becomes a frequent dream in your life it can be a sign that the universe is giving you.

Ready to discover the true meaning of baby dream? Come on!

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Baby?

Dreaming of a baby means a transformation, realization of projects and success in the love field, and also means a fresh start or rebirth in your life.

Seeing a baby in the dream is synonymous with good luck in all aspects of your life. If in the dream, the baby was being breastfed, it means that his emotional energy will help him in a new love achievement.

Baby Sleeping Or Crying

Baby - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

When you have a dream about the sleeping baby it indicates that your childish emotional side fits into your life. When dreaming of crying baby means you are denying attention to something important in your life.

Healthy Baby Or Sick Baby

Baby - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

When you have a healthy baby dream it means you will be lucky and well developed into something new in your life. When dreaming of ugly and poorly cared for baby indicates negligence with yourself. Take a moment and think carefully about what you have done for yourself.

Dead Baby

When you have a dream of a dead baby it indicates that something has been or will be ended in your life. It could be something you had a lot of hope to work out. If you have a dream about a dead baby, stay alert on what you’ve been doing again, and think about whether you’re doing everything right so it doesn’t go wrong.

Baby Being Baptized

When dreaming of a baby being baptized is a very good sign, it means that you will have an achievement that has been waiting for a long time and this will renew your life.

Baby Photo

If you dreamed of a baby photo, you indicate that you are connected to your past and your origins. If you have something pending to solve from the past solve it soon.

Baby On Your Lap

If you dream that the baby is comfortable on your lap, it indicates that your projects can be completed successfully. New projects may arise and you will have to grab it.

If the Baby is crying on his lap it means that he has to be more careful, because something can go wrong.

Smiling Baby

Baby - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

If the baby is smiling it means that you have been feeling more carefree about your obligations. This dream represents positive energies and is a good mood.

The time may be coming when new opportunities will appear in your life.

Baby Feces

Many say that dreaming of feces in general represents a lot of luck to their life. But if in the dream your baby is very dirty indicates that you should look at your finances in relation to your personal life.

Try to balance your bills more and pay more attention to how you are spending your money.

Premature Baby

This dream means that you are anxious and make decisions ahead of time.

So it is of value that you think very carefully before making a decision that could change your life completely. Once done there is no turning back.

Baby Walking

This dream indicates that the time has come in your life that you have to make a decision once and for all. Take advantage of this moment to take risks on your personal projects without fear of making mistakes.


What is the meaning of dreaming of a baby fetus? Indicates that something new will happen in your life. Once again new opportunities have come to you.

If you are going through a difficult situation at this time is the right time for you to take risks, because these new opportunities will be the solutions to your problems.

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