Bat – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


To dream of a bat is a very clear sign of the need to abandon old habits that is hurting you. The dream will mean that it is time to be more careful and not get overwhelmed by situations that demand a lot from you. Having self-esteem, letting go of things, and being innovative will help you get through this phase.

Like everything in life, there will always be two sides to the story: right and also wrong. It is clear that everyone wants to be on the right side, but sometimes you have to understand your side and then change. It is not something simple and this type of dream will show you that everything will depend only on you, in other words, on your will.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Bat?

A bat is an animal that has a very interesting nocturnal life, which can live in the woods or in the city. Just by this definition you can see that the dream will follow the animal, that is, the interpretation is not simple. This is one of the most intelligent animals, because they can adapt in various places.

To dream of a bat indicates that you have to reinvent yourself and especially to become a new person. Abandon old habits and become a much more up-to-date person, in other words, a better one. Today’s post will show that this dream has several meanings and it is essential to know what they are.

Seeing A Bat

A bat is an animal that keeps its focus, so no matter what happens it will always be focused. This dream indicates that you are not paying attention to the points that you should pay attention to, and that you need to change this. Try to stick to your plans, work on your concentration, and start reaping all the results.

Flying Bat

Flying Bat

Your jealousy has made everyone around you think twice before leaving your side. To dream of a bat flying is a manifest sign that you need to work strongly on detachment. Try not to stay that way anymore, and try to understand that people don’t like someone who smothers them.


This dream will have two meanings that are quite different from each other and will represent two situations. The first is that if you are feeling tired, it is a sign that someone is sucking you dry. If not, it is a sign that you can absorb only the best that people can offer you.

Picking Up A Bat

Someone very close to you may want to steal something of value that you have, so always be very careful. It is necessary that you start being careful and especially that you start keeping everything under lock and key. This dream shows that even your secrets must always be safe from the actions of others.

Flock Of Bats

Flock Of Bats

In a short period of time it is likely that some people of the opposite sex will start asking you out. To dream of a bat confirms this and shows you that you need to be very careful against all these problems. Try to value yourself and, above all, only go out with people you know and care about.

Killing A Bat

It is likely that in a short time someone will steal from you, which means that it is not something that can be avoided. Don’t give confidence to strangers, and especially avoid as much as possible showing off everything you have of value. The tip is simply to take care of yourself, so that in the end you won’t be robbed or go through this trauma.

Vampire Bat

Bat - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

To dream of a vampire bat is a sign that people around you are stealing energy from you. All this tiredness, or even these problems, are just a clear reflection of this absence that you have come to have. Above all, you need to avoid and if possible cut off contact, because it will not be interesting for you.

Bat Nearby

Before anything else, it will be of great value to come to understand that emotional balance is fundamental. The dream itself is complicated, because it shows that bad energies are approaching you. Remember that it is paramount to make sure that these bad things do not get to you and do not change your essence.

Touching A Bat

It is likely that within a short time, someone very close to you may die. There is no point in wanting to know who it is, and dreaming about a bat only shows that there is a possibility of this happening. So try to keep going in the direction that you are going, that is, making the most of your family, because one day it may end.

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