Big Fish – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Big Fish - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Financial success and good health will be part of people who are lucky enough to dream of big fish. This panorama culminates precisely in the point that is considered by all to be the main one, that is, prosperity. You will have all the conditions to be someone who will stand out in what you decide to do with your life.

It is common to think that all dreams can have the same meaning, but this varies according to the person. What can be done to give you an idea of what you may indicate, is to pay attention to every detail. Through this post you will have access to all the information about this specific type of dream.

What Can It Mean To Dream Of Big Fish?

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If you had this dream it is a sign of financial stability and also a much healthier life. The other fields of life will also go in the right direction, i.e. that of success. You have done everything to stand out and so God has looked in a different way at you giving what you want.

This dream is closely related to the expression that has become dictated among people living in Brazil. It is a sign of personal, professional and also loving prosperity, so God is looking at you. Below you will have the chance to see what are the possible meanings for those who dreamed of this. See also dreams with fish, sea, river and water.

Catching A Big Fish

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This dream has two totally different meanings, so it is essential to pay attention to the details of the dream. Financial prosperity is coming and if the fish is golden it is a clear sign of luck in the love field. Try to keep what is working and avoid risking in situations that are unpredictable.

Holding A Big Fish

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In a short time you will have a great opportunity to grow in life permanently. Try to take advantage of this chance with “nails and teeth”, because it is not every day that you have luck knocking on your door. Try to be attentive and avoid fear of the new, because sometimes to grow you have to risk almost everything.

Fishing A Big Fish

Some people close to you have done everything so that you can take advantage of a possible promotion. Dreaming of big fish being caught represents the chance to thrive in the professional field. Stay tuned, because some friend may be helping you without you even noticing.

With Big Fish With Teeth

This dream is a sign for you to seek self-knowledge to prevent some people from envying you. The way you move up in the company causes the feeling of envy, that is, you need to be careful. Try to maintain humility and avoid excessively behaving like the best.

Winning A Big Fish

Your biggest goal will be achieved in a short time and in a way that no one expects. It is also a sign that someone will give you a great opportunity to grow quickly. The most important thing is to try to pay more attention and avoid fear of the unknown, because the chance will come precisely from that.

Difficulty Catching A Large Fish

The most recommended for you is to try right now to try harder to achieve all your goals. If a problem appears in front of you it is time to face the situation and win. Dreaming of big fish being stronger than you is a sign that you need to do more than you are doing.

Big Fish Eating Small Fish

Balancing reason and emotion will be essential for you to get where you want. This dream of big fish eating the small is a sign that your rational side is overcoming the emotional. Try to stay that way and avoid acting on impulse, because it can harm you all your life.

Rotten Big Fish

Rivalry is causing you to be at risk of conflict with very close people. Dreaming of big fish is a bad omen of rivalry, i.e. the way you face it. Try to change the way you deal with all this, because you end up collecting enmities.

Dead Big Fish

Trying to guess what the other person is thinking is something very complicated and the chance of error is great. The main thing is to worry about you, because your head can be dominated by you, while the other’s can’t. By the time you stop creating expectation about others you will see that disappointments decrease a lot.

This dream may also indicate that the dreamer is going through some kind of change and his unconscious is in some kind of concern and thus not adapt to a new “habitat“.

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