Butterfly – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Butterfly dreaming means good and also bad things, so it’s a bit dubio dream. To make things easier it is important to pay attention to the details of the dream for the interpretation to be correct.

It may indicate that it is a sign of luck in love or even a possible disease that may occur. It is necessary to point out that the main point is to understand that the same dream can have different meanings. Everything will depend on the context that happened in the dream, that is, one must be careful with all these points.

Meaning Of Dreaming Of Butterfly What?

This dream indicates some situations that need to be considered according to the butterfly. The transformation this pet goes through is something that will deserve a lot of attention from people. It is essential to pay attention to this point so that the dream can be identified in the best possible way.

Dreaming of butterfly means that some metamorphosis can happen in people’s lives. The most important thing is to try as hard as possible that all this can have a very positive meaning. If you had this dream it is recommended that you try to fit what happened into one of the possible situations mentioned below.

Butterfly Flying

Butterfly Flying

Flying always brings a very great sense of freedom and this point is always very interesting. It is about taking this opportunity to travel the world and get to know new world cultures. If you want to take a trip this is the most appropriate time for you to start being someone much freer.

Butterfly Landing

What you want so much in a short time will come to you and it will be very important to be receptive to it. Quiet your heart, because the time to calm down is coming, that is, you will have all the tools to achieve this.

Holding A Butterfly In Your Hand

It is a great omen and dreaming of butterfly landing in your hand indicates a very great prosperity. You need to take this opportunity, because this time won’t last long, that is, make it all worth it.

Hunting Butterflies

The most important thing is to be able to achieve your goals in the shortest possible time. Try to fight for what you want, but you will need to be attentive to all the details so that you can achieve everything.

Dream Of Blue Butterfly

Blue Butterfly

Wisdom is blue, so it’s a good sign and you’ll be able to be someone much wiser. It is essential to take advantage of this phase to make everything the way you want, that is, with great success.

With Yellow Butterfly

Prosperity is coming to you and you will need to be aware of all the points to make a difference in your life. Try to pay attention to these points and so you can enjoy this phase, also remember to save money.

Green Butterfly

Health and regeneration are close to you, because God has made a difference in your life. Dreaming of green butterfly indicates the need to continue acting the way you are, because it is working.

Red Butterfly

This dream has a meaning that is double, that is, it can mean something good or even bad. If you are single it is a sign that a great love is coming to change your life completely. If you have in a relationship you need to pay attention, because there is a chance of having some fights.

Black Butterfly

Black Butterfly

If dreaming of black butterfly you have to pay attention to the words spoken it will be important to avoid some disagreements towards people. Try to pay more attention to what is said and especially to the way you have seen other people. Try to relativize and in doubt always think that sometimes it is necessary not to say anything.

Dead Butterfly

This dream is complicated and may indicate a situation in which you have not enjoyed your sex life. It is the most appropriate time to talk to your partner, that is, try to find a way together.

Multiple Butterflies

There will be a trip in a short time for you, that is, butterfly dream is already good and if it is with more than one, it is even better. It is the most suitable time to travel with that person who is special for you to thrive.

Butterflies Of The Same Color

The time to gain your independence has come and it will be necessary to be aware of the opportunities. You can take advantage of these chances to avoid some problems that may happen in the future in your life.

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