Change – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Change - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming of change is something no one likes very much, so when the dream gives us the feeling of dread even worse. Whether it change or even a simple change of look like a very radical haircut the human being gets used to the routine and when something makes him change it becomes scary to get out of the comfort zone.

If you dreamed of change in general, this does not mean that it will change something in your life, it may well indicate that you need to make only one change within yourself. But it can also indicate betrayal of a friend depending on the context of the dream and other things that we will see below in more detail.

So this in general, when dreaming of it should start by making a reflection.

Dream Of Change

If you dreamed of change, as I said above it does not indicate that it will change something in your life, but you may have to change inwardly. Take the opportunity to remove some barrier that has bothered you, it will now be the right time to do so.

You See A Change

Change - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

This dream is a warning that you must take into account. Indicates betrayal by a close friend. Try to stay alert and be more selective with the people who let in your life. Learn to know who you really are is true to yourself.

Changes Cities

This bodes well, the change of city indicates that that problem that has blown your head causing you to lose nights of sleep will soon be solved. Be a little more patient and stay that way.

You Move House

Change - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

It may mean that soon there may be a sentimental change, it will be a positive transformation for your life. It may be, but don’t confuse things, do everything calmly and you’ll see that it will be fine. It could be change at the family level…and not loving.

You Are Changing

It means that problems such as debts may appear, but you don’t have to despair now. Be aware of what you get into, don’t buy or get involved in anything your wallet can’t, take this dream as a warning.

You Change Jobs

Change - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

If you have a project and it hasn’t worked very well, this dream may indicate that the results may come soon. Also for those who are thinking of going back to an old project that in times did not work this may be the time to bet again.

Visual Change

Dreaming of a change of look means that something with your personality is not right, you do not feel good about something whether physical or psychological. Stop for a while, reflect on life and put into action some plan, not doing anything is that will not help.

Last Minute Change

Imagine that there is something that has been very well planned for months and that at the last minute the plan changes radically. This indicates that unexpected things will happen in your life. Keep an eye out and get ready for sudden events that may happen.

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