Earthquake – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Turbulence and problems are normal and everyone suffers from it, the secret is how to react to adversity. Dreaming of earthquake indicates that a challenge will appear in your life and will need to be overcome with a lot of struggle. Complaining about life is not a way and the main thing is to move forward always with persistence.

The home change will be immediate, so there will be some risks and everything needs to be thought out. This dream represents a need to seek strength within it and even in a more assertive way. The main thing is to stand firm and convince that you will overcome all the problems that appear in life.

What May Indicate Dreaming Of Earthquake?

These natural phenomena have been present in civilization for a long time and have always caused fear. In the Bible the vision indicates God’s wrath towards the earth, but in the contemporary world it may represent a threat or agitation. One way or another, this dream will always represent a little fear.

If you dreamed of an earthquake can have several meanings, therefore, it indicates that your insecurity affects your emotions. It also indicates a unique need to overcome its limits with strength and determination. For those who overcome problems, destiny reserves wonderful days and peace will reign in their life.

Seeing An Earthquake

Seeing An Earthquake

A small period of chaos will require you to overcome all these problems. Just as the earthquake acts in real life, these problems will come soon and will quickly be overcome. The main thing is always to move on and avoid the thought of giving up all problems.

Witness An Earthquake

Your strength is much greater than you can imagine, that is, you will be able to push your limits. In a short time a bad problem will require a lot of effort from you, but you will overcome. The transformations will show that you really are much better than you imagined you were before this problem.

Dream That You Are Trapped In An Earthquake

Some losses are necessary to serve as learning and it is likely that in a short time this will happen to you. Try not to complain and don’t think yours is over, because it was necessary for growth. Try to change your attitudes to prevent this kind of thing from happening again.

With Earthquake In Your City

This dream indicates that in a short time you will go through serious problems in your personal life. Try not to run away from the problems but face them head-on, that is, go up in search of what you want.

Running Away From The Earthquake

The way you have been fighting for peace has made many people admire you for your resilience. Try to follow in the same way, that is, with faith in God and especially believing in the human being.

Supported An Earthquake

Keep being cautious to solve all problems and avoid acting on impulse, because the risk of regret is great. Dreaming of an earthquake in which you endure it is a sign of overcoming difficulties. The tip is to go in the same direction and have faith in God, because he will never abandon you.

Sheltering In The Earthquake

Sheltering In The Earthquake

It’s no use wanting to protect everyone and thus avoid their problems, because they will always support you. It is essential to learn to divide the problems and thus avoid situations that may bother you. Look for your family right now and share with all those problems that take your sleep away.

Earthquake And Tsunami

Their internal instability has meant that some things that are bad can happen. Dreaming of an earthquake followed by a tsunami is a sign that one problem will come followed by a worse one. Only the good news is that you will be able to overcome both very easily and still learn something.

Daily problems have caused you to totally lose your patience, so it is dangerous. The main thing is to stay calm and work on new solutions to these problems that still have no solution. Avoid despair and also have faith, because everything can be overcome and depends only on you.

Earthquake And Wind

Sometimes it is necessary to postpone some plan or even project and dreaming of earthquake and wind is a sign of this. Try to think that it is not a withdrawal but just a phase that will soon pass when you least expect it.

Earthquake And Fire

Earthquake And Fire

This dream indicates that some problems may be causing your family relationship to end overnight.


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