Elephant – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


To dream of an elephant indicates that you will have much loyalty so that your path can be followed with much light. As a general rule, this is a great sign of a prosperity that will help you to be able to move forward.

Obviously, the interpretation of this dream will depend on several issues, but the main one is to interpret it in the right way. The elephant is one of the most intelligent animals in existence, and in some parts of the world is even a saint. If you want to know what it means to have had this dream, you must continue reading the text.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of An Elephant?

Luck will be part of your life in every way, which is always very interesting for people. Prosperity will be near you and also your family, but there will be some modifications. Just try not to be someone who is too anxious, therefore wanting to change everything from one moment to the next.

The happiness of your family is also present in the meaning to dream of an elephant and all its nuances. The next topic will show exactly everything that people need to know a little more about the dream. Before anything else, try to remember the details, because it will be of great value to everyone.

White Elephant

In a short time you will acquire an asset that will change your completely and even for the better, which is good. But to feel the effects, it will be of great value that you don’t want to know what it is, because it may harm this process.

Black Elephant

Finding the place where you belong can be complicated, however this dream confirms that you will find yours. It is necessary that you continue the way you are, because in a short time you will achieve all your goals.

Gray Elephant

Your family will find peace and happiness, because you have all planted this and now it is time for the harvest. To dream of an elephant indicates that you have merit on top of this, so all that remains is to enjoy all these advantages.

Elephant’s Baby

Elephant's Baby

It is likely that your family will soon grow bigger and bigger, that is, it is likely that a baby will be born. Make the most of this chance and take care of this child, because it deserves all the love you have.

Elephant Swimming

Some problems in your work are making it impossible for your life to move forward. The time has come to change this reality, and you need to find ways to get these people away from you, because it will be important to you.

Elephant Taking A Bath

Elephant Taking A Bath

In a short time it is likely that someone will approach you and the goal will be to help you through it all. And to dream of an elephant shows that this person will bring you things that you do not yet know, especially a purity.

Elephant Drinking Water

Your professional life will develop in a very satisfactory way, so you will get a raise. It is necessary that you keep striving more and more, because it will be something primordial for your life, because it brings progress.

Elephant Transporting People

Elephant Transporting People

Your dedication has allowed the goals you have for your life to be achieved quickly. Your goals are well defined and possible, meaning that within a short time you will achieve all these goals.

Flying Elephant

This dream may seem unreal, but it will have a lot of connection with the financial and business aspect. It is likely that you will be able to make a big deal, so take advantage of this chance and do everything differently.

Angry Elephant

Some obstacles will allow you to grow personally, and dreaming of a wild elephant shows just that. The time to be thankful for adversities has come, that is, it is important to use this time to evolve. Avoid only complaining, because if it is happening on your path, it is because it is necessary.

Dead Elephant

Someone can get in the way of your life completely, but you have to avoid wanting to know who it is. It won’t do any good, because it is useless to want to answer back, and the best thing to do is just ignore it.

Many Elephants

The elephant is one of the best animals that exist, and to have had this dream shows that you will have wisdom. Without forgetting also the abundance, that is, it is necessary to mention that the dream indicates that you are justly thankful.


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