Enemy – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


To dream of enemy has different meanings, and it will all depend on how the other appears during the dream. Most likely, when someone dreams of an enemy they already imagine that something negative might happen. But dreams don’t work exactly like that.

It is necessary to interpret them in an individual way, and most of the time they have no objective meaning. For example, to dream of death means that someone is going to die, to dream of rain indicates that it is going to rain. Things don’t work that well in the dream universe.

But let’s get to the subject of today’s article, which is to dream of an enemy? Let’s analyze what this dream has to teach us, and its different manifestations.

Do you want to know what it means to dream of an enemy and what messages are present in this dream? Then check out this exclusive article we have prepared for you.

What It Means To Dream Of An Enemy?

To dream of an enemy means that the dreamer is going through a phase where he needs to run away from “temptations”. Many times we need to be focused and know how to say no to certain situations in order to achieve our goals.

Even if you do in fact have an enemy in real life, this dream is more about trying to overcome these difficulties, and not necessarily about a conflict with the person in question.

Most likely, if you dream of an enemy and give this dream the proper attention, you will be able to stay focused and overcome the difficulties. Then you will be able to emerge victorious and achieve that which you most desired.

Dream That You Defeat Your Enemy

Defeat Your Enemy

When in a dream you defeat your enemy, it is a sign that you will enjoy great prosperity. You may very soon enjoy a time of plenty.

In a way, this dream symbolizes the daily struggle of the dreamer, how much he has dedicated himself to win, and the dream with the defeat of the enemy is a warning that the battle is not in vain.

It is a very significant dream and worth paying attention to.

Dream That You Conquer An Enemy

Those who dream they conquer an enemy will have success in business, but they need to be as careful as possible in order to achieve this result.

The dreamer may have the feeling that things will be easier after this dream, as if it were a symbol of victory, but he must be careful not to get carried away.

To Meet With An Enemy

Meet With An Enemy

Those who dream that they meet with an enemy need to be aware of falsehood around them. Perhaps close people and even friends are not being very sincere with you.

To Talk With An Enemy During A Dream

If you dreamed that you talked with an enemy you need to pay attention to business.

To Dream That You Kill An Enemy

When we dream that we are killing an enemy it means that our intentions are not so good. We may go through or be going through a process where we will have a disadvantage.

It is a dream that can also indicate, especially for those who are in court, a negative or unexpected result.

Dream That The Enemy Speaks Badly Of You

Enemy Speaks Badly Of You

Another dream that symbolizes professional aspects. This dream is very symbolic, since it is quite common for all of us to go through unpleasant situations at work.

This dream indicates that there may be people watching you in the work environment, as well as people who are jealous of your professional achievements. So, be attentive.

For situations like this, a good ritual of rock salt can help a lot, as well as energize the environment.

Enemy Shows Itself To Be Weak During A Dream

This dream symbolizes the opposite for your person. While in the dream the enemy appears as weak, this symbolizes your inner strength.

You probably don’t even realize how strong you are, and how much you are able to transform everything around you. So be aware that you can use your energy in a way that is beneficial to your life.

To dream of an enemy does not always represent something bad. You should not be afraid when he appears in your dreams. Of course, in real life an enemy can harm us and cause a lot of discord if we are not prepared.

But in dreams it all depends on the way the enemy presents himself, and the reading you make from your life experiences.

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