Ex-Girlfriend – Dream Meaning And Symbolism

Ex-Girlfriend - Dream Meaning And Symbolism 1

Dreaming of an ex-girlfriend can always be something quite curious: we don’t always want to see this person in our dreams! Just when we woke up we came to wonder why we dreamed about it.

If you are not in the habit of researching the meanings of dreams, know that this may be an event that came to encourage you. Even when we do not seek knowledge, every dream has an interpretation!

However, do not think that the meanings of dreams define your life. Most of the time, dreams serve only as a form of cosmic counseling.

What Is The Meaning Of Dreaming Of An Ex-Girlfriend?

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Dreaming of an ex-girlfriend means that you miss your intimacy with that person. It’s as if, even though you know you don’t have anything anymore, your brain is still looking for this company all the time.

This may be due to some burst of need, or simply something that reminds you of the person. Don’t get stuck in this or thinking that it will always be a cause for longing.

Keep in mind that our feelings do not always interfere with dreams, but rather what goes in our head.

Be at peace and try not to think about the person even more, especially if he was the cause of some kind of suffering in his life.

The more we think of something, the greater the chances that it will come to our dreams.

With Ex Declaring

Ex-in-declaring yourself can mean that you have some hidden desire for that person. We don’t always know our wills in depth, don’t be surprised.

It may be that this person has not seen you in a long time, if they stopped talking on good terms, ask them out, it may be a good idea.

Always consider your reality, how you feel about it. As much as we miss it, in some cases it is even better to keep our distance.

Don’t keep trying to decipher what you feel, just take one action after another and try to do what is best for the moment.

With Ex-girlfriend Kissing Me

Ex stayer kissing me means that you will go through a moment of positive attraction, that is: many people will notice you!

If you are the kind of person who cares about what others think, this will be a very pleasant period to live, enjoy it.

Now, if you are a more introspective person, hold the tips and try not to stress so much about what happens. Don’t apologize for not matching people’s feelings.

This period of positive attraction can serve as a lever to achieve several things you want, just know how to get on the right wave!

With Ex-girlfriend Asking In Dating

If your ex-girlfriend asks you to date in the dream, this may indicate that a new romantic opportunity will appear to you soon. This will not necessarily come from the person of the dream.

Understand that this new opportunity should be considered, say neither yes nor no so quickly, think a little about it. Put on the balance the positives and negatives of entering a new relationship now.

If you are a person with many traumas from the past, try to solve yourself with them first, or you will just take negative charges on the other person for a long time until you can change.

With Ex-girlfriend Talking

This dream can symbolize things that do not work in our life for the simple lack of dialogue. As much as we try, it is not always possible to solve everything without talking.

However, do not diminish yourself so, talking to people can be exhausting and it does not hurt not to be able to do this from time to time.

However, do not settle down, realize that your life can be much better if you learn to communicate slightly more clearly.

With Crying Ex-girlfriend

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Dreaming of a crying ex-stayer can mean that this person will go through a moment of trial and overcoming.

We do not always understand the purpose of things until they happen, that person has suffered from personal issues. If you want, tell her about the dream and offer help if you need to.

It may also be that this person is going through an instant of physical and not emotional or spiritual healing.

With Boyfriend’s Ex-girlfriend

This is a very disturbing dream for jealous girlfriends, who when they wake up get the flea behind their ears!
But don’t worry, this dream doesn’t mean that your boyfriend is meeting an ex or something, it means that regardless of what happened, he only has eyes for you.

This is the kind of dream that comes to calm us down in moments of insecurity. Don’t wonder so much about the nature of your love.

Making Love An Ex

You have desires that you need to give vason, stop restraining yourself or you will live almost nothing in life! Start to see things as possibilities.

Do you feel like going to bed with such a person who feels the same way about you? Do this and see where it goes.

Sex is no crime, remember and give the freedom to fulfill silly desires that can make a difference.

Now, if you want the person and they don’t want you, don’t insist. Soon you will find a new partner.

You’re Fighting With An Ex-girlfriend

Fights are nothing more and nothing less than a manifestation of dissatisfaction. If you are dissatisfied, talk about it.

Stop saving everything just for yourself and start thinking about your problem as cases to be solved

No wonder what has happened, look ahead!

With Ex-girlfriend Ignoring You

Ex-Girlfriend - Dream Meaning And Symbolism 5

If you are feeling needy and without attention, know that this will change soon. There are people who will rediscover its importance.

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