Fight – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming about a fight makes us wake up agitated, anguished, and with the feeling that something bad has happened or is going to happen, right? Who has never dreamed of a fight between neighbors, friends with no apparent justification, or even family members? What does this type of dream mean? Read on and find out the main details about this subject.

Dreaming about a fight doesn’t necessarily mean that something bad has happened or will happen in the future, but we must be very careful with the interpretation, because this dream has many variations and each detail can change a lot the content of things.

Dream Of A Fight In General Terms

To dream of a fight has different interpretations as we have already talked about in this article, however in general terms it means that you are very close to radical changes in life (good or bad) and it is pertinent that you have a lot of attention during the period, in order to enjoy the good changes and overcome the bad ones.

Every detail of this dream, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, should be carefully analyzed, avoiding confusion and hasty interpretations. Usually, one of the aspects most reported by those who have had this dream and observed the events is the question of whether or not the protagonist is hurt by the fight.

Dreamed Of A Fight, But You Were Not Involved?

This type of dream shows that you are very insecure because of some recent issue, and if you just watched the duel without doing anything, then it is a sign that you should seek help from a trusted friend or relative to better decide what to do!

Did You Dream About Children Fighting?

Children Fighting

A fight between children has a very special meaning, because it is a way for the subconscious mind to express a deep hurt that can come from very far away, from remote times! Rest calmly and meditate about your feelings, the past situations that have not been solved yet, and remember: it is never too late to admit your past mistakes and ask forgiveness to the rightful ones! Besides wisdom, it is an act that demonstrates nobility in the being.

Did You Dream About A Fight Between Dogs?

Fight Between Dogs

Then be alert, because you may have problems at work. Someone may be trying to pull the rug out from under you, or even steal your job.

If you are fighting with a dog, observe who won the fight and you will have an answer about how the issue of stealing your job will be solved.

Did You Dream Of A Husband And Wife Or Boyfriend And Wife Fight?

love fight

To dream of a couple’s fight means that you should pay more attention to the matters in which you are involved. To dream of a couple fight means that you should pay more attention to the matters in which you are interfering in some way in your relationship.

This dream can also reflect problems at work, marital or even financial. Be very attentive!

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