Fingernails – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Fingernails - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming about fingernails may seem like an unusual dream, but it is a very common dream, especially among women, according to research in this area.

As I always say, it is possible to understand what it means to dream about fingernails or another dream, but it can vary from person to person, everything will depend on what happened in your dream. That is why I decided to write a very complete article with several interpretations on this subject, I hope you like it.

What It Means To Dream Of Fingernail?

In general, dreaming about fingernails indicates that you are a determined person, and when you struggle you always go all the way with all your strength.

Depending on how the dream is expressed, it may also represent a moment of anxiety or nervousness that you have been facing in your life. The interpretation of dreams is never the same from person to person, but most of the time a dream can be a warning from your unconscious mind to change something in your life.

In general, for everyone, dreaming about fingernails means strength, energy, vitality, and willingness to face problems without fear to fight for what you really want.

Below I will list some of the most common dreams with fingernails and what they may really indicate to you, don’t forget that it may vary a little. Try to understand the meaning well, but in general when it is right our instinct (6th sense) will assimilate…believe in yourself.

Beautiful And Healthy Nails

If you dreamed that your nails were beautiful and quite healthy it is a sign that you have a very balanced and prosperous life. Maintain your habits, but the fact that this dream is good is not a sign for you to go around spoiling your health. On the other hand, if you dream of dirty fingernails, it may mean financial difficulties.

Dream Of Fingernails

This is a warning from your subconscious that you need someone with courage to help you. Therefore, you need to act firmly and above all believe that you can overcome this obstacle.


The indication is very clear that you have to follow a path that may not please you at first. However, all discomfort will be overcome, and to dream of a toenail has exactly this meaning. Only, in order for it to work, you need to have attitudes in this same direction.

This is a very strong indication that someone is in need of help and you should proceed with mutual help. Remember the law of love, and try to understand that charity is a virtue that you appreciate a lot.

Long And Badly Manicured Fingernails

To dream of long fingernails may indicate that you are a person who takes some time to make important decisions. If you dreamed about this, reflect a little about your life, if there is really something that you should have already decided and did not do so. Resolve it soon.

Rotten Fingernail

This is a very positive omen and brings information that is negative, especially regarding your health. See a doctor and do everything as planned, because it will turn out to be the best alternative. Although you may think that it is not necessary, the truth is that you should do it.

Short Nails

Fingernails - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

If you dream of short fingernails it may indicate that you may be rewarded for the jobs you have been doing, it may be in your work or in friendships.

Toothpaste Nails

Know that if you dreamed that your nails were fake, it may indicate that you are not being sincere in your relationship. If this is the case, stop lying to yourself.

You should reflect well on life, and solve the problem in the way that you think is right. Don’t hold other people’s lives and yours too. Be it for jealousy, doubts, interests, and other things…whatever the reason, always be a true person.

Red Nails

Red is a strong color, it is related to the color of love, passion… If you dream of red fingernails this may indicate a temptation.

Are you feeling any desire for someone? Some kind of interest that makes you have more tempting thoughts? Think about it.

Broken Fingernail

This dream can be seen a warning from your unconscious mind. If you dream that you have your fingernail broken, it is a good time to reflect on your actions that you have taken recently. But never make any decisions on the spot, think it over and become a better person.

Sanded Fingernail

This is an excellent omen and indicates that you will have much happiness in your family and it will be soon. To dream of a sanded fingernail is a sign to seek tranquility so that everything can come to work in a short time. The main thing is to understand that the more faith there is, the greater the chance of it working out.

You Are Cutting Your Fingernail

This is without a doubt one of the most common dreams, and can mean a lack of honesty on your part. If you dream that your fingernail is falling off, it indicates that you are feeling insecure or that you are feeling helpless.

Chewing Nails

Fingernails - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

A dream in which you are biting your fingernails may be a warning that a difficult problem is coming up that you will have to face. You should pay extra attention, because it is very likely that the moment will come and you are already counting on it. Never face difficult problems bravely, be smart.

Growing Nails

If you dream that your fingernails are growing, it means that you want to get closer to certain people. Think about it, and if so, approach them, but always cautiously, because you can get hurt again or put yourself in not so good situations.

With An Ingrown Toenail

Usually an ingrown toenail ends up creating pain, so people who have this dream think it is a bad omen. But it is not. It indicates that positive things may appear in your life…because As the old Dictator said, “after the storm comes the bonanza”.

Painted Fingernail

Fingernails - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

This is a dream that indicates a bad omen. Unfortunately, it means that something bad might happen to your relationship. If your fingernail was painted black, it could even be a serious breakup in your relationship.

This could mean that some fights may arise that could cause you to break up. Think it over and see if you are misunderstanding something, if it is not jealousy speaking louder. But if you are sure that it’s not your fault, don’t fear the problems.

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