Flowers – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Flowers - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Flowers besides being beautiful can represent and reveal different aspects of our society, for example, they can be used to show love and affection for someone, but they are also used in weddings and even in funeral rituals. So it is clear that the meaning of dreaming about flowers can be very broad.

Therefore it is essential that the dreamer stays in a calm place, never puts his hand on his head (because according to popular belief, putting your hand on your head after waking from sleep makes you forget everything you dreamed), and tries to remember all the details of this dream!

Received A Bouquet Of Flowers

Flowers - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

This means that the person who handed you the bouquet has great admiration and respect for you. If it is someone unknown, it could also mean that you have a secret admirer.

If you were the one offering a bouquet to someone, it is a sign that you would like to congratulate or thank that person in some way.

Dead, Ugly, Or Mistreated Flowers

If you dreamed of wilted, dead, or mistreated flowers in any way, you’d better be prepared for some disappointments, often linked to love. Make a personal analysis of your relationship, if you have one, and try to identify possible flaws.

That You Are Picking Flowers

Flowers - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

When we dream about this situation, it is very likely that a new love will appear in our lives! Live the moment and be happy!

Flowers Sprouting Or Growing

Flowers - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

This dream is a warning from the cosmos that you have a lot of potential inside of you, try to give your skills a chance to grow, don’t be afraid to expose your qualities to the world. Everything will work out fine!

What Color Are The Flowers?

Remembering the color of the flowers is fundamental, for it may indicate even more important and evident warnings that need our urgent attention!

If you dreamed of red flowers you may be about to experience intense and visceral love. However, it can also indicate anger and revenge, so stay alert and be able to distinguish the possible interpretations and take precautions.

If you dreamed of blue flowers it usually means that you will finally go through a period of calm and tranquility in your life, but it may also represent just the remorse of a wrong attitude made recently. Evaluate and draw your own conclusions.

If the flowers were white, unfortunately the dream does not mean peace! But that some sadness is coming.

If you dreamed of yellow flowers then it is a sign that something very good is about to happen in your life! Many joys, abundance, and prosperity await you. Keep working, keep striving, and the cosmos will work in your favor very soon!

Were the flowers any shade of pink? In general it means that you will very soon live an old-fashioned love! Flirtation, flirting, romance, magical and fantastic experiences that will change your reality completely.

Did you dream of black flowers? In general black is the color of mourning, however in your dream it does not necessarily mean that someone will die. It is more likely that something that has special value in your life will cease to exist or function.

If the flowers were colored, it does not mean that it is a little bit of each interpretation given above for each color, but that they all complement each other forming the idea that goodness will finally hover over your life! You may even have a lot of abundance and financial gains. An ideal time to play the long-forgotten lottery.

Note that for many situations there are two possible and conflicting interpretations, one positive and the other negative. For this reason, it is essential that you analyze your life and the whole context of the dream in which you saw the flowers, so that your heart can set up the ideal interpretation, in the sense of taking precautions or simply rejoicing.

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