Frog – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Frog - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

The frog was and still is an animal widely used in witchcraft, so the interpretations of dreaming of frog are often conflicting.

We can often say that only a simple dream of this animal (frog) already creates fear.

But it’s not that linear, let’s know what it really indicates having a frog dream?

Dream Of Big Fat Frog

Frog - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

The most common dream that most people see in their dreams are the big fat frogs. The frog for most of us is a disgusting and disgusting animal, if there are people who are afraid of cockroaches, (knowing meaning of dreaming of cockroach) imagine having a dream of a big frog in the middle of your room.

When we saw in a dream a big frog indicates that you are preparing for a battle. It is common to have this kind of dreams when you are dedicated to a job and situations may happen that will make you go through a battle.

Focus on what is yours, don’t pay too much attention to people who try to discourage you from your deeds.

Green Frog

When you have a clear dream where you can perfectly see a green frog, this has a very positive meaning. Indicates that you will be lucky at things that are not going well. It can be work, projects and even in love. Green is the color of hope and renewal.

If you step on a green frog, it indicates that you have to be careful with the way you have been dealing with your luck…don’t risk too much.

Being lucky is not everything, we need maturity to take advantage of that too. Look for improvement in the way you deal with it, it will certainly make all the difference in your life.

Black Frog

The color black is almost always related to bad luck. If you dreamed of a frog nearby means you will have to be more attentive to the things people have been talking about you. Maybe that friend you like is not being true to you. Stay alert.

Dreams are not for you to be suspicious of everything and everyone, but for you to be more connected to what is coming. Don’t take it to yourself as a threat, just don’t let anything go wrong.

Red Frog

Frog - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

We all know that the color red represents the color of love and passion, correct. If you dreamed of a red frog indicates that you love someone and have the desire for that person to love you as well. It may also represent that someone you love is reciprocal to your love.

Calmly analyze everything that has happened around you, and take the right step on time H.

With Toad Biting

We can say that having a dream about a biting frog is not good, especially when the frog is attacking a person. Dreaming that the frog is biting is a sign of misconduct, review your attitudes, as you may have incorrect attitudes towards other people or even yourself.

Don’t hide behind a fake mask, take your actions and notice if you are taking negative paths in your life.

With Talking Frog

Dreaming of talking frog may indicate that you are feeling a little lonely, needy. It may indicate that you need a date. It can also mean that you are not opening up to others to talk to you. Take a easy look at how your life has been going.

With Dead Frog

Dreaming of a dead frog is a sign of bad omen. If the dead frog is near you may indicate that someone arrived will suffer from some disease.

If the frog is distant, it means that in the near future you may receive bad news from someone who has already been close to you dying.

You Were Catching A Frog

Sometimes our health may show no symptoms but something is bad. The dream of this animal indicates that you may have some health problems. If you are one of those people who has not had medical appointments in a long time, go to your doctor and order some tests to discharge consciousness.

Running Away From A Frog

This dream indicates that you are avoiding dealing with certain problems or emotions. Take advantage of the moments and learn to live with your negative thoughts, think that everything that comes to you is to teach you something and learn to take advantage of it yourself. (Not always what is bad, it has to be bad, there is always a good lesson to learn from it.)

Yellow Frog

Frog - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

Yellow is the color of money, so dreaming of a frog of this color means that you will make new very positive deals for your financial life. In a matter of a few days you will achieve much greater stability in your life.

Money is in your way, but if you don’t know how to use it soon you’ll be without it again. Learn to value your work and let all your bosses know how you like to work.

Make your fame workman, let everyone know that you like what you do, and more than that, feel comfortable always working and making your own money.

Giant Frog

The giant frog comes to tell you that some area of your life is lacking care. You have focused a lot on some things and little on others. Start to realize everything and put everything in its proper place.

Be careful not to focus too much on work and money while leaving your family and friends aside, money is unwelcome but it will never replace your personal life and support network.

Don’t leave for later what you should do now, start changing everything. Value the people around you, when they are no longer here you will surely miss them a lot.

With Frog Stuck To The Body

This dream can indeed be a bad omen in your life, be careful when getting around and participating in radical activities. Don’t get neurotic about it, but all care is little.

The frog stuck to the body represents danger, be aware of your daily life but don’t think too much about it, when we think about something we attract it to ourselves.

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