Hair – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

To dream of hair has a rather unfavorable meaning when it comes to health-related situations and beyond.

If in your dream your hair was falling out, it means that your health is not good and you may soon have problems. However, it is always important not to be too impressed, but to try to live naturally and always being yourself.

Hair is related to both female and male beauty, as there are many cults where their gods had long hair.

So if you have seen yourself with long and beautiful hair, it is a good omen. The story of Samson, a biblical character, already indicates a situation that is very common: it is about hair having a function of strength behind it.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Hair In General?

To dream of hair can have several interpretations, so the best thing is to try to remember in detail what you actually saw in the dream.

As a general rule, weak and ugly hair means that your health may be at risk, it may also indicate that your self-esteem is low. The reason, however, lies within yourself, and the main thing is to always be alert.

The best thing is to really rethink a little bit how you have been feeling and not let some situation take over.

When the hair is beautiful and strong, it can indicate that your health is strong, and this information is positive.

However, it is important to be aware of other situations to get all the indications. The main thing is to believe that everything will work out and it will be possible to keep learning.

You now have a notion of everything that will be happening and the real importance of being aware of situations.

However, it may not seem simple and it will be important to know about the most common meanings. Let’s go deeper into what it means to dream of hair in other variations? Let’s go?

Dream That You Are Getting A Haircut

To dream of a haircut can have several meanings, it could indicate that your self-esteem is low and your psychological state is shaken.

But it can also mean a turning point in your life, either good or bad (example: a fresh start, where even your way of thinking is completely different).

Dream Of Long Hair

Imagine you had a dream and you saw yourself with long hair, this could represent something good for you.

It symbolizes your financial success. Keep managing the way you have been doing up to this point and never make hasty decisions. To sum this up quickly, if you dreamed of long hair you may soon make a profit.

Dream Of Messy Hair

Hair - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 2

If in your dream you had messy hair it symbolizes several negative things, such as nervousness, frustration and even insecurity. It indicates that your life has been really messed up lately. Keep an eye out…

If you dream that a friend has messed up your hair, you’d better be careful, because it means that someone close to you is ready to turn your life upside down. (It doesn’t mean that it is exactly that person, but a person close to you).

Dream Of Hair In Your Mouth

If you dreamed that you had hair in your mouth, it indicates that some situation in your life is preventing you from speaking something that may upset other people. So when you dream of hair in your mouth it conveys an agonizing feeling.

Believe in yourself, and convey your thoughts more firmly and never be silent.

Avoid keeping things to yourself as much as possible, because it is bad for you and not a highly positive point. Those who take this care will be able to achieve the goals that are set from the beginning.

Dream Of Short Hair

Hair - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

To dream of short hair and you wear it long, may have the meaning that soon you will have losses in your financial life or business.

However, never lose your focus and strength to solve what lies ahead.

After a storm the sun shines high, meaning try to do the same for your life and get the results.

It is this fact that will allow everything to be going the way it was planned from the beginning.

With Hair Falling Out A Lot

The omen for your health is not positive and is showing a very dangerous situation: some illness. It is salutary to take more care of yourself and try to understand better how everything can happen.

The most important tip for those who have been lucky enough to dream of blonde hair is to make an appointment. By taking this care, the natural tendency will be that it will work and can make it work more and more.

Dream Of Blonde Hair

Hair - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

This dream is a good omen, it may represent very radical changes in your life, however if you saw that you had hair of one color and suddenly you were with it blond this indicates that this change will be very sudden. Don’t worry, it is a good change…

To dream of blond hair in your hand can indicate something bad. Look at your life and try to perceive if you are afraid of receiving bad news, or if there is falsehood around you.

The more we think negatively, the more we attract evil to us. Remember this.

Dream Of Black Hair

To dream of black hair may be connected to sexual yearnings, for black hair is zionism of youthfulness and vitality.

If you are a man and dreamed of black hair it is a sign that you are good in bed, whereas if you are the woman dreaming it indicates that you will have good companions.

This meaning can also be related to business and means that your projects will be successful and prosper, be it on a personal level or in your job. Do for keeping up as you have been doing up to now.

Hair Blown Loose Or In The Wind

Whenever you dream, this is synonymous with a lot of freedom. It could mean that you have been feeling free or need more freedom in your life. Just try not to confuse it with libertinism, because it will be something quite dangerous.

Reflect on your life and see if this is what is happening to you…if you feel trapped by something that is taking that freedom away from you, try to solve that problem the right way: without being in any kind of hurry.

Also read the meaning of dreaming of wind to help with your interpretation.

Dream Of White Hair

Wisdom is heading your way, and it may represent a common situation: the chance of getting through the least problems is minimal. Knowing this, it is essential to try to stand firm to your convictions and everything will work out better.

Experience is on your side, but there needs to be a different understanding and it will get better. Try to think about this and the natural tendency is that it will work, making sure that everything is moving in the right direction.

Dream Of Braids

Hair - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

If you dream of braided hair you may be predicting new unions in the near future.

The moths join the strands of hair together in a harmonious and beautiful way, and that is how relationships have to be in life, whether it is love or friendship.

If the moths are hurting you or you are wanting to get them out, it indicates that you are in a forced relationship and this is not doing you any good. Get rid of it as soon as possible.

Dream That You Don’t Want A Haircut

If in your dream you were putting up a lot of resistance to not getting a haircut, it could mean some difficulty in accepting new challenges.

It could be a sign that you are very attached to something or someone and are feeling that the end is coming. If you dreamed this, it is time to reflect and move forward with a firm decision.

Dream Of Hair On Food

To dream of hair on your plate is very disgusting to most people. This dream may mean that you are going through situations where you are doing something that you don’t like. Think about it, are you doing things the way you like? Is there something that is going against you? If so, it is time to put a stop to it…

Dream Of Hair Loss

In general, to dream of hair loss can have several meanings, reflect a little about your life and always see dreams as a warning not to go through unpleasant moments.

Always be very attentive to this fact and avoid having problems, for example, some betrayal. To dream of hair in this situation is an omen that shows that it is a risk of not overcoming adversity.


As you have seen, to dream of hair can be interpreted in many ways, and it is not a bad omen. Learn how to interpret your dreams and know how to act when faced with various situations.

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