Illness – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Illness - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

If you have come to this page because you are searching for the meaning of dreaming about sickness I have to tell you that you have arrived on the correct page. Today I will share the meaning of this very common dream.

For many, dreams are the results of our deepest fears and desires – in full manifestation by the unconscious mind. This lack of control over what we will or won’t dream about can often haunt us, for even if our life is good and seemingly normal, it is still possible for us to dream about bad things.

For others, dreams are manifestations of the spiritual world, where we connect with what is purest and most sacred in the universe. In this scenario, there are forces and deities that send omens with the purpose of warning us about good and bad events that are about to arrive in our lives.

Within all possible analyses, from the most spiritual to those connected with the human mind, there are some interpretations about what it means to dream of illness, and today you will get to know them!

Dreaming Of Sickness – When You Are Sick In Your Dream

This is where many people get scared, isn’t it? Well, rest assured, your vital health ( is probably normal! Dreams in which we ourselves are ill may indicate that it is our emotions that need a dose of special care.

Our body and mind seek physical and psychological balance. Therefore, dreaming that you are sick may indicate that your unconscious mind is searching for that emotional, spiritual, or psychological balance.

Perhaps there is some situation in your life that has not been lived or absorbed in the best way possible, and somehow this is causing your unconscious mind to manifest the issue. Pay attention to this!

When A Relative Or Friend Is Ill In Your Dream

To dream of an important person in your life being ill shows two good things: first, this person is relevant to you, and second, this is a sign of good luck! Your loved one will probably undergo significant changes in his or her life, and these changes will be extremely positive.

The second interpretation for those who dream of a sick friend or relative is not so good. For this line of interpretation, dreaming of illness is a sign that this person and you will experience troubled times. These may be difficult times, but keep your courage and discernment to not fall into the error of believing that this is a fateful destiny.

Sometimes it may just mean that you are afraid that something bad will happen to this person, because they are important in your life.

Dream Of Contagious Disease

Contagious Disease

If you dream of contagious disease, it may reveal that there are evil minds seeking to harm your life. Open your eyes and pay close attention to the attitudes of those around you.

Heart Disease

Illness - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

If you dream of heart disease, it shows us that there is a preoccupation with your deepest feelings. The heart is the symbol of emotions, and your mind knows this. Work to find out if there is something wrong in your emotional and emotional life, seeking solutions to whatever is found.

When we catch a cold our body works to fight it, and once it succeeds, our defenses will be prepared to fight that particular virus. This also happens in our life, because when we deal with problems we learn how to solve them, and we don’t have to go through it all again.

Some people report dreaming about sickness when they realize they are getting older. This dream reveals the fear of the frailty that the years bring, showing the worry that arises as our end approaches. Accepting the reality of things is essential in dealing with this kind of situation, for without a doubt, we are all mortal.

Serious Illness

Illness - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

It is known that it is also possible to dream of serious illness, where the individual finds themselves facing death and in terminal states. This is not related to the illness itself, but to some great difficulty that this person will experience in his life.

To Dream of Sickness – When You Meet Someone You Don’t Know

If you dreamed that you met someone sick on the street or in a hospital, and during the dream you had the compassion to help him, you will probably experience happy and prosperous times in your life. This is a wonderful sign of good times and material and spiritual victories!

But know that all this will only come if you keep striving and fighting for all your goals and objectives! For every victory there must be a sacrifice – this is one of the messages that dreaming of a stranger’s illness brings.

Dream Of Illness – A Message Of Hope

Dreams are figurative mechanisms of manifestation of the mind. Therefore, you should not see them in a literal way. Whatever your dream is, with a lot of strength and determination you will overcome any difficulty and, in the case of good omens, you can enjoy the positive changes that will come into your life.

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