Knife – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Knife - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming of a knife can have numerous interpretations, however unfortunately mostly negative, after all the knife symbolizes cutting, breaking and, even domestic, a weapon.

Every day many people get hurt with this tool, including in a provoked way which brings an even heavier aura before this instrument. Overall the knife dreaming event can signal a very important fight between two family members.

Therefore, in order to read and identify the best interpretation for your dream, we recommend that you take a moment for yourself, isolate yourself and try to meditate about that dream, trying to reveal every detail so that an accurate analysis of your dream is possible.

Dreaming Of A Knife Being The Dreamer Man Or Woman

In many cases dreams do not distinguish gender, that is, what happened in the dream event serves both the man and the woman, but in some special cases this changes figure and is what happens with the dreaming with knife.

If the dreamer is a man nothing changes and the interpretations follow normally, however if he is a woman this can mean an increase in the workload, whether at work or even at home. If this happens try not to overdo it and not neglect your health!

Bought A Knife

Many dreamers manifest this type of report, that is, that they were in a store or market, were enchanted by a knife and bought it, but what does that actually mean? That significant changes will happen very soon in your life.

Knook A Knife

Usually this type of dream is interpreted indicating that the dreamer is preparing correctly for a certain situation of life: work, employment and love for example. Move on and everything will work out.

This dream, which is full of symbolism, can also announce that someone in the family needs your support and protection.

Cutting Something

Knife - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

If you dreamed you were cutting something, especially food, it means you will have to share some money (or even real estate) with your legal relatives. Therefore, even to avoid embarrassment, it is very important to orient yourself with a good lawyer to know what measures you can also take to protect yourself.

Broken Knife

Knife - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

This dream is very dark, because it indicates that for some reason without your control, you will leave your job (even if you like it very much) and start a very risky business of your own.

So that you do not enter the famous negative statistic, do a market research before opening the company, consult SEBRAE and do physical or online research in order to make your business increasingly productive.

Being Stabbed

Knife - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

The dream of stabbing does not have a good omen, as it can lead to useless and meaningless fights, arguments and provocations.

Beware of your health!

Knife Fight

Pay attention to every detail, as it may be essential for a better life of those who today flee the turmoil of the greats.

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