Marriage – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

To dream of marriage usually indicates good events ahead! Because marriage itself represents a time of great transformation in the daily life of two people, who must assume new attitudes and responsibilities towards their partner, society and life itself.

I dreamed I was getting married, now what? Let’s find out what this dream means?

Dream Of Marriage In General

In any case, this type of dream is always positive and extremely promising! Generally a dream about marriage is associated with:

A new positive cycle in your life.
Radical changes in your current routines.
Significant changes both professionally and in your love life.
A warning that the time has come to make important decisions that will affect your destiny and that of others.
To dream of marriage, however, may have more specific meanings than just the interpretation of major changes in your life, so it is well worth knowing the other definitions!

Dream Of Marriage To A Boyfriend

If the wedding has taken place between you and the person with whom you are currently in some kind of relationship, this has a very objective and direct meaning: happiness!

Even if you are going through some common daily inconvenience, some change will happen in a short period of time that will promote much happiness to the couple. Sometimes this type of dream can also be a warning that the couple will inhabit a new residence or that a child may be on the way.

Dreamed That I Was Getting Married

Marriage - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 2

To dream that you are getting married in a very beautiful, eye-catching wedding dress (or suit for men), means that your marriage or union will undergo some very strong transformation that will bring much financial abundance and happiness until death do you part.

You can celebrate and be happy, there is nothing bad coming your way. Your relationship has absolutely everything to work out, you just need both of you to be honest and true.

Dream Of A Wedding With A Torn Or Stained Dress

To dream that you are getting married with a torn or stained wedding dress (or suit for men), still means that you will be very happy, because dreaming about marriage is always very good, however it suggests attention to some people who are part of your social circle, because envy, jealousy and other strange feelings may arise to the happiness of the couple.

Envy is a weapon that many people use to put an end to the happiness of the other person. The worst thing is that most envious people are very close to us, so we don’t even suspect anything.

Start noticing, if it is your way, use protective herbs and amulets, seek to bless your home and your life, so all these things will stop being a problem and a worry.

Dream Of A Friend’s Or Relative’s Wedding

Did you dream about the wedding of relatives or friends? Know that this kind of dream means that some of your oldest wishes are about to come true! The closer these people are to your everyday life, the faster you will see what you wish to happen.

For example: if it’s your mother, this grace will come true in your life in a very short time, if it’s a friend you consider a lot, it shouldn’t take long to happen, but if it’s a person you’ve known but never had a great relationship with, it will take time.

Dream That Your Marriage Has Ended

You may also dream that your own marriage has ended, which makes you naturally believe that such a dream is a premonition that your relationship will come to an end, which is not true!

This kind of dream, as distressing as it may sound, only means a warning in which you will have to make some changes or take some actions in order to preserve your marriage well in advance.

Dream That You Are Attending A Wedding

Did you dream that you were attending a wedding ceremony? If you were happy during the ritual it is a sign that new opportunities will arise in your life that will make you very happy!

If you were excited, it means that you will receive news very soon that will cause you emotion, but positive. And if you were sad, be attentive, because some facts visualized by you may bring some warning relationship to prevent you from some situation.

Dream Of Wedding Preparations

Marriage - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

To dream of wedding preparations means that you are a more theoretical person than a practical one, so start reviewing if the people around you are treated well or not.

Be careful not to be one of those people who talk a lot and do little. Try to act, put your hand to the wheel, and see how the people around you react to this.

Dream Of A Cancelled Wedding

A canceled wedding is the terror of every bride and groom. The preparation of the party is so great that knowing that the party will be cancelled is a great and true nightmare.

If your wedding is already scheduled and you dreamed that it will be canceled, this probably just reflects an inner fear that something will not go as planned in the ceremony.

This is something very common and should not be anything too alarming for your life. Now, if you are not scheduled to be married, the meaning is different.

This means that your relationship may go through many ups and downs in a few days. Don’t sing victory too soon, learn not to fight too much over reason.

Dream Of A Proposal

Marriage - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

To dream of a marriage proposal means that you suffer from an immense emotional dependence on your boyfriend. It is not that we are saying that you need to stop loving him, but that you need to stop depending on him.

Value yourself, value your self-esteem and this will make all the difference in your personal life. Listen to what we are telling you, it will improve your relationship.

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Understand that dreams arise in our lives as a sign for us to be more prepared to face certain problems in our life. In other words, to dream of a wedding can be good or bad, it will depend a lot on what you saw in your dream. But in general it is good, because then you realize some signs and so avoid a lot of things.

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