Panties – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


This dream will always bring omens that are quite positive and automatically good for the person who dreamed it. If you want to find out what it means to dream of panties, just remember all the details. This attitude will allow you to fit in the most common meanings that may exist.

Panties have a meaning that is always linked to a desire that is repressed, and this will demand attention from everyone. Since, depending on the person, it is common that they don’t have the ability to understand that sex is part of it. What this post will do is show the most common meanings for this dream.

What It Means To Have Dreams About Panties?

The most common meaning is connected to sexual desires, that is, the desires that the person has. To take advantage of this opportunity, you need to let go of all those taboos that are existing. It doesn’t matter if you are married, single, or even dating, because, the meanings don’t change.

So it is time to get to know the most common scenarios, and you need to remember all the details. The following topics will help you understand everything about what these types of dreams indicate. To dream of panties will have several types of meanings, and below you will see them all:

Seeing Panties

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, but the fact is that everyone has their feminine feelings. This has nothing to do with your manliness, if you are a man, because that is not the idea. Seeing panties indicates that you are very willing to be someone who is more sensitive to everyone.

Dirty Panties

Unfortunately your desires are repressed and this kind of thing is normal, so be aware of it. This will be the time to start changing your reality for the better and overcome this little conflict. The most common thing is to talk to your romantic partner and then you will see that everything will get better.

Taking Off Your Panties

Taking Off Your Panties

The time to spice up the relationship has come and your dating or marriage will never be the best again. To dream of panties being taken off shows that the time has come to make your romantic partner very eager to have you. A trip to a sexshop can be a great option and will make everything even better.

Putting On Panties

This is a great omen regarding your health, especially in matters concerning your sexual health. Not that there is any problem, but it may be time to do some tests. This dream is more common in women, and they should pay attention to the details.

Woman In Panties

Woman In Panties

There is a great dissatisfaction in your relationship, so it is time to change your life. Try to talk to the other party, work out whatever needs to be worked out, and in the end everything will work out. The best thing is to understand that fights can serve to make the couple mature more.

Panties On A Man

Life is calling you to fight and you as someone capable, should always overcome all these adversities. This is the time to recharge your strength and the best way is to take some time for yourself. Try to understand that the struggle can be great, but try to be much more committed.

A Child Wearing Panties

This is a very good omen and shows that there is a chance that in a short time a child will arrive. It can be a child, a nephew, and will always be related to a pregnancy that will happen around you. This is the time to take the chance and value this new person that will come into your life.

New Panties

New Panties

A great omen and will show that you have a great chance of finding someone who will change your life. It can be a great love or the return of that person who unfortunately is no longer by your side. Try to be prepared, because it will be the best chance and it may take a long time to happen again.

Panties In Plastic

This is the time to buy some new clothes, especially those that value your body. To dream of panties on plastic shows that you are on the right path, and you should take advantage of this chance. This will be the time to move forward, value yourself, and thus see everything improve.

Panties On A Clothesline

Your sexual desires are being increasingly suffocated, obviously by your fears and insecurities. To overcome this, it’s time to move on, and the main thing is to be able to take the time to give voice to your libido.

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