Police – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Police – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming about the police is not common, is it? If you dreamed about the police and are looking for interpretations, then I must say that you are in the right place, because there are multiple interpretations on the subject.

In our society the police symbolizes the body responsible, in theory, for guaranteeing security, peace and social order, watching, guiding, arresting and punishing when necessary. But what could a dream about the police mean?

We always recommend that before seeking interpretations you should try to gather as many details as possible, in order to accumulate elements and thus have access to a more realistic explanation about your dream.

In general, to dream of the police can have two well defined meanings: the first is of a conscientious nature, where we have the false impression, or not, that our activities are being watched (regulated) and this causes us discomfort, or that in fact we may face relatively serious problems in the future and we need to be prepared.

Let’s take a closer look at the possible interpretations?

Dream That You Are Arrested By The Police

This is the most dangerous situation in the world of dreams, because when this happens it is a sign that in fact some bad things that can take away your peace of mind may happen at any time and it is necessary that you have redoubled attention and much serenity so that everything is solved to your satisfaction and you can have a better and more adjusted life in the future.

Dream Of A Police Car

Police – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

To dream of a police car is a warning from the cosmos that you should be very careful about some important cause that you are experiencing, that is, a warning to better police your life and avoid problems later on. This interpretation is maximized when you see the car and are led to it by the police officers.

Note that this is not a prediction to scare you or anything of the sort, but rather so that you do not neglect your attention and know very well where you want to go, the directions you want to take in life.

Dream Of Police Persecution

There are frequent reports of people who claim great panic in a classic dream: that they are being pursued by the police and even with a certain aggressiveness (sirens on, screams and shots). But what can this mean?

Although some sites present other interpretations, the correct one is not as negative as the dream seems to be, and only indicates that the dreamer has a certain fear (phobia) that urgently needs to be controlled so that it doesn’t increase and bring more serious damages in the future.

A classic example of this dream is when the person is about to take a vacation and go to a beach house and the day before dreams that he is being chased by the police. Note that at no time does the dream allude to the sea, but in essence, it only reflects the dreamer’s fear of swimming.

Dream Of A Police Battalion

Police – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

In the past it was very common to hear phrases like: “Do you want security? Then go live near a police battalion. And the interpretation for this type of dream has this character, that is, protection and peace.

So when we dream of a police battalion, it just indicates a state of consciousness that we feel protected and at least relatively peaceful. This being a good time for you to take relevant and serious attitudes, because you will have your feet on the ground to choose the best path to follow.

Dream That You Are A Policeman

Police – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

This dream has two possible interpretations, and it is up to the dreamer to feel what his heart says in search of the best possible interpretation.

In a first and obvious reflection it tells about our own desire to be a policeman. When we have a vocation for this specific area this type of dream is even very common!

The second option is that you are experiencing a very delicate issue (which may even involve the family) and that involves morals and ethics. It could be, for example, an early pregnancy of a young woman in the family, issues involving abortion, petty theft, etc. In other words, the idea here is that your subconscious of high morals cannot live with this issue and seeks a position, a solution.

Dream Of Police Action

If you, for example, dreamed about a shoot-out involving police and drug dealers, whether with death or not, this is an alert from your subconscious indicating that there is a person close to you who is very envious of you, and the more drastic this action is, the greater this harmful feeling will be.

Therefore, it is good to be more attentive in order to identify this person, and then prevent him/her from having contact with the main details of your life, especially projects, so that they don’t receive negative energies and start to go wrong. Many times this person is so close that it is really difficult, but important to know in order to better defend yourself.

As you have seen, the meaning of dreaming of a police officer will vary a lot, everything will depend on how it appeared in the dream. However always take some caution before making a decision.

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