Pool – Dream Meaning And Symbolism

Dreaming of swimming pool in general has several positive aspects, since the pool is, in a way, a symbol of social status, abundance and well-being.

The pool is also closely associated with the joy of living, fun with children and sports in our modern society.

So this kind of dream usually carries good meanings as we will have the opportunity to read here.

Dreaming of a pool can also be a literal warning of the cosmos in the sense that we seek a better preparation for a near future in which there may be countless joys according to which we must be deserving in some way.

However, the interpretations can be varied and broad, and it is up to the dreamer to seek the one that is most appropriate to what he saw and his life context.

Dream Of Swimming Pool

Our subconscious can play some tricks on dreams, since dreams often have important meanings to which we should pay full attention, but they can also be just a manifestation of our desires.

In this case, observe your life context and note if the fact of dreaming of swimming pool is not associated in any way with the end of your vacation or the children who happen to exist in the house.

Big Pool

This dream may indicate two things. Everything will depend on the moment you are going through in your life.

If your problem is financial and you dream that you are swimming in an endless pool, it means that something will go nowhere.

Imagine that you are involved with a personal project, or working hard to achieve the financial goal.

The dream can be a warning from the subconscious saying that this is not the way, that you will have to try something else. Sometimes you’re just insisting on the wrong thing, try new things.

The other meaning is when you are in love problems. Dreams mean that this relationship has to be worked more, because swimming in a large pool from side to side you will be well worn out and very tired.

If you are in love problems the dream indicates that your relationship is getting worn out and falling into routine. Therefore, if you really love the person it is best to change their relationship, habits and routines.

Deep Or Shallow Pool

Amazingly, any detail in the dream can be immensely important for an accurate interpretation, so try to remember all the details! In this case, the fact that the pool is shallow or deep can have very different meanings.

If it was shallow it is a sign that you are accommodated with a certain situation and that you must seek new limits, new challenges, before it falls into monotony.

However, if it was deep, it means that it will achieve its goals and have a lot of prosperity, even if it is drowning.

Pool Filling

This is a good omen, if the pool water is clear and transparent it means that new opportunities are coming for your life. You should be on alert not to let it pass by.

If the pool is filling with dirty water indicates that you will go through some difficulties in the near future. However, there is no need to be afraid, just stay tuned to try to anticipate the damage.

You Are Swimming In The Pool

Pool - Dream Meaning And Symbolism 2

There are things in your life that you would certainly like to accomplish, so if you are struggling to achieve your goals know that you are going in the right direction.

Empty Pool

Pool - Dream Meaning And Symbolism 3

This dream represents moments of loneliness, but sometimes it is good to spend these moments. Take the opportunity to reflect a little on your life, try to see the bright side of things even when they are not going well.

Clean Pool

Pool - Dream Meaning And Symbolism 4

Did you dream that the pool water was clean? You can be happy! It means that very soon you will have very good news, which can not only solve old family issues for good, but can also bring a good amount of unexpected money.

Dirty Pool

Did you dream that the pool water was dirty? This type of dream is always a warning sign, as it may indicate a betrayal, whether from your partner or even from some closest friend, or it may suggest that someone in the near future will propose you a business in which if you accept you will have a lot of harm. Stay tuned!

Swimming Pool With Rough Water

Is the pool water agitated? Try to change the way you face the different situations of life. Be more optimistic and try to nurture only positive thoughts that can cause the universe to conspire in your favor.

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