Robbery – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Robbery – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

To dream of a robbery can at first cause us to feel that something very bad is about to happen. Because a robbery itself is always traumatic, causing losses and sometimes even the possibility of getting hurt.

However, we must also consider that the current violent scenario in big cities and the massification of information about violent events by the media, may end up influencing our subconscious, so it is important to note whether it was really a dream or just a reflection of what we experienced during that day.

What It Means To Dream Of A Robbery

Robbery – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

To dream of a robbery generates very different interpretations, sometimes positive, sometimes negative, and also depends on the sex of the dreamer. If you are a woman something bad may happen motivated by a man close to you, be careful! If it is a man, it may be associated with some very intimate fear of the dreamer himself that will come to the surface.

Dream Of Your Own Or Someone Else’s Robbery

Did you only see a robbery? In other words, you had no part in it, but only observed it? This may be a reflection that your feelings are not being reciprocated as you had hoped. Often it indicates an unrequited passion and the warning to focus on another person who will make you very happy.

Another meaning for a dreamer who is robbed, depending on the whole scenario presented there, indicates exactly the opposite of the previous paragraph, in other words, that such love is yes corresponded in all its intensity, but it is necessary to reflect to know if you are really willing to face all the problems that may come as a result of this love. Caution is recommended in this case.

What If The Robber Gets The Worst Of It?

Robbery – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

If in the robbery the criminal is shot or killed, it can mean a kind of continuation of the previous interpretation, i.e., that the feeling intensely corresponds, but there is a warning that the barriers will be so big, there will be so many unforeseen events, jealousy, and difficulties that an even deeper reflection than the previous one must be done with patience and with your feet on the ground.

Was The Burglar Arrested?

If the burglar is only arrested, it is a sign that despite the difficulties, this new love will be victorious, and that it is worth trying, worth investing in!

It may even mean that you will be able to pay off that old loan or debt with a friend that was worrying you. But if the opposite happens, that is, the thief manages to escape, either by running or even using some kind of vehicle, you will have to be careful with your finances, because you could be harmed by a partner or someone close to you who uses your money for something.

Gunshots During The Robbery?

Robbery – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

If there is an exchange of fire during a robbery, and an innocent person is hit, it is a sign that some friend needs your help, but is shy about calling you for it.

If you have in your heart the real desire to help people, even more friends, take a closer look at the problems of your closest friends and analyze the cases in which you can be useful in some way.

In summary, as we can see, to dream of a robbery has varied interpretations and the dream must be carefully analyzed so that its real interpretation can be effectively understood.

Therefore, always remember that in the world of dreams a bad scene can mean something positive, and vice-versa.

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