Sea – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of the sea can have numerous interpretations depending on several factors, including those linked to the person who dreams.

The sea since antiquity has been worshipped and respected due to its riches and its enormous strength, capable of producing violent hangovers and sinking the most powerful ships.

Many ancient peoples performed at sea a series of rituals involving the offering of animals to Poseidon (the God of the sea). Even today, especially in Brazil, there is still a similar belief associated with Iemanj√°.

Dream Of The Sea

Dreaming with is linked to discoveries and personal transformations, as well as the gods of antiquity, the most instinctive passions of men, revealing latent or hidden desires and thereby producing deaths or rebirths, will depend a lot on the context of the dream itself. However, generally dreaming of the sea is associated with good meanings.

Rough Seas

Dreaming of the rough sea can mean family fights. You should be prepared because the fight may be quite agitated. Stay calm and never lose control not to say something you might regret and create serious problems for you.

Quiet Sea

Sea - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 2

If you are as a spectator and observe a calm sea, with clear waters and good feelings, it means that your life will go through a moment of equal sensations, that is, of calm and well-being, however, as almost everything in life has a positive and a negative side, this same situation can also be a warning to pay more attention to your partner and your love life as a whole. For as we know, love cannot be monotonous either.

Dirty Sea

Even after the above definition, as incredible as it may seem that dreaming of the dirty sea does not mean something bad, quite the contrary, the dirty sea goes back to the idea that something has been washed and that all those impurities have been retained in that sea, in a way it is a dream linked to spiritual evolution and that some of our human imperfections are falling behind, and this is an excellent sign!

Clean Sea

Sea - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

Dream that the sea was clear? This is a wonderful sign of happy family moments, fruitful group trips or even participation in unforgettable parties! However, even if clean, if this sea is rough, that is, in turmoil, be aware, because some fights within the family can happen and take away your calm and well-being.

Drowning In The Sea

Dream that you are drowning? Contrary to what you can imagine, this type of dream is very good, because it means that it will be a winner in bureaucratic matters, often linked to money or even lawsuits.

Walking Under The Sea

Did you dream that you are walking under the sea? This type of dream has a very high spiritual meaning, because as we know, the Bible itself relates the walking under the waters made by Jesus, in a mixture of faith, strength and wisdom.

Therefore, if you happen to have had such a dream, it is a sign that you are on the right track and that you will overcome all difficulties, as long as you keep positive thoughts and renewed hope for this.

Friend At Sea

Did you dream that a friend is at sea? If you are a known person it is a sign that they will soon ask you for help, especially in matters related to money. If the person is not known it means that you should reflect and think about how you can help people more in their daily lives, as a form of charity.

The Deep Sea

Sea - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

The deep sea is also not a good omen and is a very common dream. It could mean that his professional life stopped and went into monotony. Take advantage of this dream to see new opportunities and live new adventures. Learn to see good things that everything looks bad.

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