Shooting – Dream Meaning And Symbolism

The noise of a shot can be very scary, because we associate shooting with weapons, assaults, among other negative things. So what can it mean to dream of shooting?

Is it something bad or good? Why is it common to wake up scared after dreaming of shooting?

Dream Of Shooting (in General)

Shooting - Dream Meaning And Symbolism 2

Overall, dreaming of shots is not bad, even indicating that there may be changes with some risk to your life. When you are in a dream and start a shooting, you may feel confused, not knowing very well where to escape, correct?

And that’s what this dream means in general. (There may be changes and you are not sure what to choose, so changes can be considered dangerous.)

Even so, do not be frightened, because like another any dream depends a lot on how your life is, and thus having other interpretations.

Let’s see other meanings.

That You See A Shooting

Shooting - Dream Meaning And Symbolism 3

Having such a dream may indicate that very soon you will go through some complicated problems to solve. Keep calm, because this is the only way it will be easy to solve.

Watch out for your back.

It Is The Target Of The Shooting

This dream may indicate that at this time there is a person who has some control in your life and you have not yet discovered it.

Stop and reflect well on your life, look around you and take charge of your life.

You Shot Someone

Shooting - Dream Meaning And Symbolism 4

If you dream that you hurt someone this is a sign that your mind is giving, it indicates that you are angry with a certain person.

Anger is a feeling that consumes us, so try to understand what happened and immediately solve the problem that provokes you such a feeling.

You Get Shot In The Back Or Head

Dreaming of a shot in the head or back means health problems, indicates that some health problems may arise and that they can be serious.

Take care of your diet and do physical activities if you feel that something is not right with your body consult your doctor.

Shooting In The Favela

Dreaming of shooting in a favela indicates that you may be in financial trouble, try to better organize your life.

School Shooting

If you dreamed of a shooting at school, you indicate that you may be worried about a situation of a close family member.

Try to find out if this dream really gave you the right guess and pay attention to your close relatives.

You Escaped Unharmed From A Shooting

If you dreamed that you tried to kill in a shooting and you managed to escape unharmed, you indicate that you may be having difficulty achieving a certain goal in your life.

Shooting With Blood

This dream indicates that you may go through a slightly difficult period of your life and the more blood there is around you or you have bleeding a lot indicates that it will be a very difficult problem to solve.

Look at your life and see if you are doing something bad that could harm you in the near future. Keep calm and be patient with yourself because only then can you maintain mental clarity and overcome your problems.

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