Snake – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Snake – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming of a snake may seem like a bad omen, and we soon associate it with evil. Already in Adam and Eve’s time, snakes symbolized betrayal, but this was not always the case. In some cultures the snake is seen as a symbol of wisdom, in others as a symbol of temptation.

Whenever we have strange dreams, we are curious to know its meaning, whether it is good or bad, in this case if you have come to this page I believe you are looking for the meaning of dreaming about snake, correct?

The most important thing in interpreting your dreams is to realize what meaning or message your dream may indicate to you.

An interesting tip is to reflect on your present and past life and try to understand if you have done or have done something wrong that may be harming your present.

Read carefully what the interpretations below indicate and reflect to find your answer.

So let’s go, below you can read a compilation with the most well-known and varied meanings of dreaming about snakes.

What It Means To Dream Of A Snake (In General)

There is no need to be afraid when you dream of a snake, it symbolizes strength. Don’t forget that the snake is a strong animal that traps its prey by coiling itself around it, leaving it unable to move.

In general it means as a warning, that something bad is not right or is still going to happen, but there are also other factors to take into account. Let’s see which ones?

Dream Of A Black Snake

If you dream of a totally black snake, you’d better be careful! For, this means that our unconscious mind is trying to warn us of something that we are not yet seeing.

It could be the end of a relationship, bad news, or even when we are focused on an idea that has everything to work out, but for some reason we can’t put it into practice.

If you digress into these kinds of things during your dream, be a little careful. Stay alert!

Dream Of A Green Snake

It symbolizes the beginning of a new life, or at least getting rid of old habits. If you are thinking of something new for your life, now is the time to venture out.

For example a new relationship, or even a new career. But it is important to know this, because if you are dreaming in a natural environment, for example a jungle or a meadow, the dream is more easily understood because here we have the influence of mother nature, something that is always associated with a very powerful action.

*Green color – Symbolizes rebirth, renewal and hope. So if you dreamed of a green snake, do not be worried because it is a positive sign.

Light Green Snake

You have great prosperity and you emanate abundance, that is why everything usually works out. Even in difficult moments it is easier for you to overcome than others who do not act this way.

Dark Green Snake

It means that you must keep your resilience up to date, because success or defeat will come from this kind of attitude. The main point is to think about it and learn a lesson that is very important: the responsibility will be yours.

The more resilience you have, it will be a sign that the meaning of dreaming of a green snake is correct. If you do not exercise patience, it is likely that difficulties will cause you serious problems in your life.

Small Green Snake

There is a small spark near you, but unfortunately you have not yet acted in the right way. This indicates a great need to change your outlook and especially to learn how to use your potential.

Dream Of A Large Green Snake

Progress is likely to come and be part of your life, because your attitudes are in favor of it. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to everything and especially to learn to put it into practice, because it will be the best result.

Green Snake Wrapped Around Your Neck

Have you ever stopped to think that work alone will not lead anyone to success? So, it’s time to enjoy new moments, and it’s worth a lot to believe that sometimes it can be important to take a vacation.

Dream Of A Green Snake In A Tree

Snake – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

People around you are trustworthy and the time has come to learn to rely on them, for you do not live alone. It is appropriate to show that having this kind of vision is a huge differentiator and shows an evolution.

Set yourself up for success, because dreaming of green snake in the tree show that many care for you. You can only count on everyone and learn to live life as a family or even as a group.

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of A Yellow Snake?

Of all the snakes there may be, dreaming of yellow snake , is the most dangerous. It means that we have to stay away from third parties that appear in the dream.

In other words, if you dreamed of a yellow snake in the hand of someone you know, you’d better get away from that person as soon as possible! For, a yellow snake means poison, danger!

If you simply dreamed of a yellow snake, it means that something bad might happen, so the best thing to do is to be on your guard during the next few days. Anticipating it is the best thing you can do in this case.

Light Yellow Snake

There is a strong relationship with spirituality, and it shows that your energies are always positive. Try to look for your contact with God and through this, answers will soon be found.

Dark Yellow Snake

This is a type of dream that works as a great warning, meaning that you should be careful. Especially with jealousy and envy, that is, it is appropriate to be patient and especially not to pay attention to it.

Every time you dream of a dark yellow snake, remember that it is not necessary to think about it. Since every thought creates a wave and ends up energetically linking you to someone who wants to harm you.

Small Yellow Snake

It is paramount to pay attention to some problems that may be present in your path and it is bad. Since this small snake may indicate that you need to be attentive to your life, that is, overcome everything with much love.

Dream Of A Big Yellow Snake

An event of gigantic proportions will happen in your life and it may be good or even bad. Be aware that the good or bad outcome will depend only on you and no one else.

Yellow Snake Wrapped Around Your Neck

The more it is wrapped around your neck the greater the meaning that you will be tied to someone. It’s time to let go, and you can’t put it off until later, because this is the time to be free.

Yellow Snake In The Tree

Avoid telling others what you have been keeping, because to dream of a yellow snake in a tree indicates that some people around you are not to be trusted, and it is important to be very careful with this fact.

It is good to think that sometimes the best remedy against evil is to do everything quietly and without fuss. The “fat eye” only affects what can be seen, that is, if you keep quiet things will always work out in the end.

Dreaming Of A White Snake

Snake – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

The color white signifies peace and has a direct connection to what everyone wishes or even wants for their life. Paying attention to these issues is something effective and ends up bringing up the need to always be connected.

Peace is crucial and all that remains is to have the ability to calm down, learning that there is nothing that does not happen with God. It is this point that brings up the need to pay attention to points that are always essential.

Next it will be possible to access dreaming about white snake with several different meanings. Certainly these issues are effective and nothing better than to have the opportunity to check everything below.

White Snake With Dark Spots

You end up being a nervous person sometimes, and this is not a positive thing, because it emanates bad energy. It’s time to stay calm and understand that everything will have a beginning, middle, and end, that is, there is no point in “getting worked up”.

White Snake With Gray Aspects

Peace is not yet in your hands, however, whether you achieve it or not will depend only on yourself. This is the time to think better and look for solutions, because everything will work out in the end if you act like this.

Once again, it won’t do any good to focus on what you don’t have, and the reality is simple. The more you believe and are grateful for what you already have, the chance that everything will work out better will always be much greater.

Small White Snake

Peace is inside you, and the right time has come to start putting it out there. But sometimes it is difficult to have attitudes like this, but you can change and this is the time.

Dream Of A Large White Snake

It is a time of peace and you have the ability to achieve great goals that you have set from the beginning. Thinking about this brings up the need to understand that the dream has succeeded in being something that has made a difference.

White Snake Wrapped Around Your Neck

Peace is not to suffocate but to liberate, however, it is likely that you are not enjoying the moment. To dream of a white snake coiled around your neck indicates the need to free yourself from what is holding you back.

Large Snake

To dream of large snakes, like anacondas or boa constrictors, is very common, I would even say it is the most dreamed of. It is a very big snake, that makes you feel like fleas.

To dream of this kind of giant snake means that it has something to do with the past, but a more distant past, where we have kept very deep memories.

Giant Snakes

Know that to dream of a giant snake, means that you left something in the past that still makes you uncomfortable. If the dream continues for days it is good to reflect on your past and be honest with yourself.

It means to open your body and soul to new realities, to new truths. Never forget, the truth is not always absolute! Every coin has two sides! Face the bull by the horns if you still have things left unsaid or unresolved.


To dream of a snake biting or biting you may indicate that you are surrounded by people who do not mean you any good. It may represent that someone such as a friend, family member, or even your boyfriend may soon betray you.

Dream Of A Dead Snake

It indicates that in the very near future you will get rid of that problem that has been eating up your patience. It symbolizes the victory of something that you have been fighting daily.

Dream Of Killing A Snake

If you dream that you have killed a snake it means that you have power over your rivals. If you want to settle an issue and are a little afraid, fear not and go for it. But always with your feet on the ground.

Dream Of Snake Eggs

Snake – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

If you had a dream about snake eggs, it indicates that prosperity and abundance may soon come into your life. It is a very good dream!

Snake On The Roof

This may indicate that you are not satisfied with your house and have a desire to change. It also indicates that someone close to you may be trying to harm your family. Be on the alert!

Snake Fight

In this dream you should not worry, it means that your enemies are competing among themselves and you are no threat to them. Do not worry!

Snake In The Water

Snake – Dream Meaning and Symbolism 6

If you are worried about something, dreaming of a snake in the water means that this problem will be more difficult to deal with. Then you will need more patience and join efforts to solve the problem you are worrying about.

Pet Snake

If in your dream you had a snake as a pet, this indicates that you have a great ability to solve problems and take risks.

Other possible interpretations of a dream about a snake

To dream of snake can mean many things about your past and even future, so if you had a dream with this reptile try to make the best of this message given to you and do not be afraid. Dreaming is good and learning how to interpret them is even better.

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