Subway – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

To dream of a subway means that you want to find your direction or your space, but it is not easy. It is normal to sometimes feel a little lost and that your time will not come.

In these moments some attitudes are fundamental, for example: swallow your pride and adapt to the situation. Sometimes in life you have to be a kind of duck, because it runs, swims, and even flies. The chances of finding your way by being malleable will require great effort from you.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Subway?

In short, it is a great representation that will have to do with the direction you should take. Your subconscious is basically showing you a path to follow, in other words, directing your journey. It is also an indication that you will have to take some rest along the way.

Many who have managed to dream of a subway are people just like you, that is, who are at a crossroads. The paths ahead are like a train station, meaning that they can be beautiful or even ugly. Everything will depend only on you and also on how you have interpreted this fact.

Seeing The Subway

This is a bad omen, because it shows that you will face some problems in a short period of time. Before you complain, try to understand that this could be a great opportunity for you to learn. Swallowing your pride will be fundamental, because it will take along the prejudice to the new.

The fights to show that you are right will always lead to a split, so avoid polarizing. Be more flexible and have time as your greatest ally, because it will not forgive anyone. The main tip is to choose to understand these points and do everything as carefully as possible.

Dreaming Of Riding The Subway

Riding The Subway

Changes are coming and you need to stay calm, because they will be very positive and will bring happiness. It will depend only on your vision, because a glass of water can be good for some and bad for others. It is about professional success that is coming, dreaming about a subway means that.

The tip to enjoy this type of dream is directly linked to understanding that changes are natural and even positive. After all, what would become of our lives if every day had sun? Rain is sometimes very positive for everyone.

Dream Of A Full Subway Car

In a short time you will grow a lot, but you will pay a price for it and it is connected to having a lot of patience. A full train car indicates that problems are coming strongly, but they will be temporary. Since nothing lasts as long as it takes for everyone to learn their lesson.

This type of dream is very positive, because it will bring to everyone the need to grow more and more. Some manage to do this without any problems, and others need a “little push”, that is, adversity has this function.

Dream Of An Empty Subway

Empty Subway

The fear of losing your job came to you in the form of this dream, but keep calm. First of all understand that changes are sometimes necessary and you yourself may be tired of that job. Above all, be aware and alert, because it is not always a bad omen.

Your capacity and mainly willpower will allow a great opportunity to come into your life. Being prepared and doing everything with much love are fundamental tips for the desired success.

Getting On Or Off The SubwayGetting On Or Off The Subway

Going up on it indicates that you will have a great chance to move up in life, and still in a short period of time. If you were getting off, then it is a sign that you have been doing everything right and will have a reward soon.

Remember that this kind of dream will have a lot to do with your conduct, because you are making a difference. Try to think that dreaming about the subway, in which you are either going up or down, is just a great omen about your future.

Subway Station

This is a very interesting dream, because it represents the imminence of an arrival or departure. Before you go out wondering who you are, try to think that sometimes change is necessary and you will always have new people.

It is likely that the changes will be for the better, but it will depend on your interpretation and the way you lead your life. If you think good things, you will see in the new things something really good and that will have made a lot of difference.

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