Suicide – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Suicide - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 1

Dreaming of suicide is a sign that something will need you to make a very high effort to solve it. As bad as it may seem, this is always a chance to learn and thus to be able to evolve in various fields.

Not always the same dream can have a meaning that is standardized for everyone. It is important to understand that some differences may occur, so it is essential to remember all the details. Today you have the opportunity to know what may indicate dreaming of suicide for most cases.

Is Dreaming Of Suicide A Good Omen?

The meaning of this dream will not always be linked to something bad, because the omen may turn out to be good. Dreaming of suicide is a clear sign that you will need to have a lot of focus to overcome a big challenge. Before you go around wanting to find out what it is, try to stand firm in what you believe.

Some frustrations can make you very negative, i.e. discredited of life. Only at this moment it is important to remain convinced of what you believe and continue to place. About the day your time will come and you may notice that problems are common in people’s lives.

Committing Suicide

Suicide - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 3

What happens in the dream will not always be what will happen in your life, so this dream indicates a will to live. It’s as if the person you are needs to be renewed, that is, give new things a try. Problems will continue only it will be better when you learn to deal with all this.

Your unconscious is reminding you that your love of life must always be renewed in an innovative way. People can only overcome difficulties when they have the ability to filter these problems.

An important tip for you is to seek your growth in the best possible way. Only you will be able to find out and unfortunately not always what worked for me may be the most suitable for you.

Someone Committing Suicide

Suicide - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 4

This type of dream indicates that you have a need to feel welcomed by people close to you. When a problem arises in front of you it is normal to want other people to help you solve it. Only the reality is that there are some situations that need to be solved only by yourself.

It is common to believe that the lack of understanding comes from others, but sometimes it is you who do not show you want to help. Dreaming of suicide is an indication that you need to make people close to you. Try to talk and understand your side or even their side, because they are your family.

As bad as it may seem, you will see that this choice was the right one, although your pride makes you have another opinion. Analyze you and others to see that everyone is part of the same family, that is, they are blood of your blood.

Suicide Attempt

Suicide - Dream Meaning and Symbolism 5

All people want to change and almost always this change cannot be immediate, because it takes time. When you feel the need to be fast it is important to relativize and not go in a hurry. You will see that the best choice you made was to wait and do things at a time when everything can be thought of.

Dreaming that you tried to kill is an invitation to change. It’s no use wanting everything to be done overnight, because unfortunately it’s not like that. Seek peace and serenity to understand the process, for we are all eternal learners in life.

Friend Suicide

Most people end up moving away from others for various reasons and feeling guilty is natural. Dreaming of suicide is a clear sign that you need to seek contact with this person to help. This unintentional withdrawal, however, the other side needs you to have a little more empathy for it.

Look for him for a frank and direct conversation, the goal is always to resume friendship and have more closeness. Sometimes situations lead to a distance between both and in the medium or long term it can turn out to be worse. If you have the ability to resume friendship you will see that in addition to winning you a friend, you can make a difference.

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