Aunt – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


To dream of an aunt is a good omen in regard to helping others, so if you had this dream it is good to thank God. You are being guided in the direction of helping others in whatever way necessary. Having nephews and nieces is a gift and shows a commitment to raising/recreation of your closest relatives.

Before continuing, it is necessary to warn you that the meaning is not universal, nor will it be the same for everyone. The details that happened in the dream need to be taken into account to make it all better. It is essential that you memorize all of this so that it is possible to know exactly what this dream can mean.

What Does Dreaming Of An Aunt Indicate?

One of the best feelings that people can have is love for their nephews and nieces. To dream of your aunt is a clear sign that you should pay attention to the children and help them in everything that is needed. This does not mean only with your relatives, but with all the children around you.

It is not because you are not related by blood that you should only help your closest relatives. Try to help everyone, and if you can do it in a genuine way, that’s even better. It is very important to know this and to follow in the right way, that is, to continue in the footsteps of Jesus.

Seeing Your Aunt

You have been missing your aunts a lot, so nothing better than to try to have contact again. Even if you live far away, it is recommended that you get together again, because their time here on earth is very short.

Talking To Your Aunt

You are undecided between two situations, and you don’t know what else you can do to get it right. If you dreamed about your aunt, it is a very clear indication that you need to have the serenity to make a decision. Try to stay true to your roots and avoid acting under strong emotion, because the chance of going wrong is very high.

Hugging Your Aunt

Hugging Your Aunt

Your lack of affection has caused you to think that you are alone, that is, no one is caring about you. To dream of your aunt hugging you is a good omen in regards to meeting someone you haven’t seen in a long time.

Kissing Auntie

Keep going in the direction you have chosen to go, and you have done so successfully, because it is genuine. The kiss represents a pure feeling and a care that the aunt has for her nephew, in other words, it is a natural feeling.

Dream Of An Aunt Smiling

This is a good omen for the future and in a short time good news will come to you unexpectedly. Try to be receptive and always willing to embrace the opportunities that are appearing. Avoid closing yourself to new things, because everything that is for the better should be celebrated by you.

Holding your aunt’s hands

A love is coming closer to you, but for this to materialize, you need to be very careful. Try not to waste this opportunity, because in the long run you might regret not doing the right thing.

Aunt Taking Care Of You

The distance between you and your aunt is getting too long, and you both miss spending time together. An interesting tip for you might be to pick up the phone and call her, but you can also pay her a surprise visit if you wish.

Aunt Giving Food

Aunt Giving Food

Many people admire the way you lead your life, especially in relation to the professional field. Try to keep yourself in this same way, and you will see that the results will appear and everyone will continue to admire you.

With An Aunt Arguing With You

Acting on impulse is common for hundreds of people, and it is necessary to think before making decisions. Try to have three judgments: whether it is good, true, and logical, so that you avoid the worst, and this is what is recommended.

Sick Aunt

Sick Aunt

Having contact with your family is indispensable so that the generations can follow the old customs. To dream of a sick aunt is a request from your heart that you pay more attention to this side.

Missing Your Aunt

Patience is something essential for choices to have a greater chance of going right, because it is planned. Try to think before you act, that is, do some thinking to avoid the risk of something going wrong.

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