Darkness – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of darkness can make the dreamer very worried. In fact, darkness has this characteristic related to fear, difficulties, lack of light, and thus times of trouble.

And when dreams are repeated, it is another indication that hard times are approaching, and the dreamer needs to take precautions. Want to know more about what it means to dream of darkness? Then check out this article to the end!

What It Means To Dream Of Darkness?

To dream of darkness has to do with our dark side. It can mean that we are in a sad moment, of loneliness, of pain… It’s like being faced with a broken bridge, with no way forward. Without being able to get out of this situation.

The dark in the dream comes to warn us that we need to start taking control of our actions. Probably the dreamer may be in a phase where he or she is at a standstill, not knowing what to do. It is even important to check that you are not suddenly suffering from depression.

When we dream of darkness it is our unconscious warning that enough is enough. Enough of standing still, we need to take control and move on, because life is light, it is movement.

This may be a very common dream for many people, since darkness symbolizes our fear of the unknown, of the unexpected. And this is absolutely common in our life.

Most of the time we are not prepared to deal with adversity. So it is normal for this phase of darkness to set in.

Dream That You Can’t Meet Someone Because Of The Darkness

When you dream that you can’t meet someone due to darkness it represents the need for you to control your temper. Do not let your emotions control your actions.

Dream That You See Yourself In Darkness

See Yourself In Darkness

You know when you get the feeling that you are better off being clueless about certain things? That famous idea that ignorance, at times, can be a blessing.

When you dream that you are in the dark, it is a sign that you should not meddle in certain situations. The best thing to do is to let this phase pass so that you don’t get into trouble.

If in your dream you saw yourself walking in the dark, this is an indication that there is a lack of understanding on your part regarding the intuitive function.

Dream That You Fall And Hurt Yourself In The Dark

Those who dream that they fall and hurt themselves in the dark probably have fears that have not been resolved out of sheer exhaustion. You are probably tired and lack the strength to act. Take a deep breath and try to get up as soon as possible. Energize yourself!

Seeing Yourself In The Dark With Other People

This dream, when you see yourself in the dark with other people, indicates that you need to know how to handle the provocations that are coming. It is possible that people may arrive full of anger, and you need to protect yourself.

Dream That You Are In A Dark Room

Dark Room

To dream that you are in a dark room may be a sign that you are going through a phase of great curiosity. It is possible that you are searching for something through study in order to delve into more complex issues. This is very good!

Just be careful not to go too deep into things that may bring you worries.

Dream That You See Darkness Increasing

This dream signals that you need to listen to the messages that come to you. Try to examine very carefully, especially regarding the place where you are in the dream.

Dream That You See Your Children In Darkness

Children In Darkness

If you dreamed that your children were in the dark, try to make an appointment with a doctor in order to verify that everything is alright with your health.

Dream That You Are Lost In The Dark

This dream comes as a warning sign for the dreamer to keep an eye on their mental health. It could be a sign of depression, and means that your body may be vitamin deficient.

To see yourself lost in darkness has a symbolism with the dreamer’s own life. He may be around people, and yet he doesn’t feel comfortable with them.

You cannot and should not accept this situation of darkness in your life. It is possible to get out of this phase if you can find help and meaning in your life.


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