Betrayed – Dream Meaning And Symbolism

Betrayed - Dream Meaning And Symbolism 1

Dreaming that you are being betrayed does not mean that you will go through a loving betrayal, but that you may be being deceived by someone you trust too much. Open your eyes and keep your guard high!

Don’t allow yourself to be convinced that all people are good and will never upset you, that’s not true. They can hurt you, but this is their burden and never yours, don’t blame yourself or try to believe that you did something that triggered it.

However this is not the only meaning of the dream, we still need to consider some other situations for the interpretation to be complete.

What Is The Meaning Of Dreaming That Is Being Betrayed?

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Dreaming that you are being betrayed means that you may be being deceived in some area of your life or that your insecurities are taking you down.

Insecurities we all have and we know it’s very difficult to go through this, but don’t think about surrendering. Be strong and look at life seriously, don’t listen to the voices that dwell in your mind, they are constantly lying to you.

Overcoming our insecurities really takes time and can make our mind messy, but use the support of people who love you to make it simpler and uncomplicated.

Who Is Being Betrayed By Her Husband

When you see your husband cheating on you, it comes to talk about your strong insecurity about love. Somehow you really think you don’t deserve the person next to you, it hurts you.

It may even become a trigger for suspicion, since you do not understand the person’s reasons for being with you at this point in your life. Try to make sure about your qualities, or you will have problems soon.

This may also be a reflection of your fear of having your loved one see someone else, but try to get rid of it, have a conversation and look for safety in your loved one.

Who Is Being Betrayed By Her Boyfriend

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Dreaming that you are being betrayed by a boyfriend means that you urgently need to put yourself at the center of your life and not let that person steal your protagonism again.

Be at peace with all things that have happened in the past, but remember that the only and most powerful focus of your life should be yourself. Don’t let a love put you in second place, because if it ends you will suffer too much.

Don’t be afraid to expose to this person the importance you give yourself, it will make him see you as someone much more determined and much firmer in his choices.

You Are Being Betrayed By A Stranger

Being betrayed by a stranger in a dream means that you are very afraid to enter into new relationships, this is almost a dread of you for fear of getting hurt again, as in the past.

Don’t be afraid, don’t think about it so often or it may even attract betrayals of all levels to your life. Focus only on being your best version and when someone hurts you, get up and leave, don’t allow it to always happen.

See your worth, no one is doing you a favor staying in your life. Be realistic, you have a game of very positive qualities.

My Husband Cheated On Me With My Mother

Dreaming that your husband cheated on you with your mother is not pleasant, but send it away from your mind, this dream comes from the insecurity of believing that anyone can be better than you, don’t believe it.

This is just an empty and unfounded insecurity, start recovering from it as soon as possible. Understand that you are quite a person and that anyone who wants to be by your side needs to accompany you in everything.

Husband Kissing Another

You are a very suspicious person and for your relationship to work, you urgently need to let go of it. As long as you keep your loved one on short leashes, the more desires that person will have to deceive you.

Trust, it is not you who will prevent a betrayal, only the person’s own character and common sense can change that destiny, do your part and wait for the other person to do theirs.

Talking To Another Self-interested Woman

Betrayed - Dream Meaning And Symbolism 5

If you saw your husband talking to another self-interested woman, that means that there is a person putting a fat eye on your relationship, do not allow this to continue to happen.

Say a good prayer and invite your loved one to pray, it may sound silly but it will make all the difference.

Ask God to strengthen your relationship and do not let outsiders get in at all.

Dreams have much deeper roots than we imagine, never think they are superficial and that they mean nothing. They can always bring an important message or learning to your life.

Don’t be afraid to unravel the mysteries of your dreams, the cosmos never errs in your advice.

What do you think of the meaning of dreaming that you are being betrayed? Never try to interpret a dream alone and without help, most of the time it only confuses us, always visit our website for more information.

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