Falling – Dream Meaning And Symbolism

Falling - Dream Meaning And Symbolism 1

Dreaming that it is falling can be one of the most revealing types of dreams when it comes to personal problems and issues.

Fall can have several different types of symbolisms, such as anxiety, insecurity, inexperience or physical and mental exhaustion.

However, not all dreams involving fall have a negative meaning. In some cases, dreaming that you are falling can have a positive meaning in a person’s life.

Let’s look at the meanings of some dreams with fall:

Dream That It Is Falling

Usually, when we dream that we are in a fall, our subconscious may try to warn us about our state of mind, especially.

The fall has a strong symbolism related to insecurity, pressure, anxiety, inexperience and lack of support or protection.

In addition, the dream that it is falling into can mean disappointments, especially loving or abandonment, whether from friends or family.

Dreaming that it is falling means mental and physical exhaustion, when we demand too much of ourselves, and we internally feel the lack of ability to get around certain situations.

The fall is closely linked to the lack of self-esteem in these cases, demonstrating that our subconscious understands as a sense of inferiority to the people around us, and the difficulty of imposing opinions.

Free Fall

Falling - Dream Meaning And Symbolism 3

The dream of a free, endless fall is a warning from the subconscious demonstrating high emotional tension, with lack of stability and despair.

This type of situation can occur when there are conditions, such as a bad job or a toxic relationship, that can harm life.

In these cases, it is recommended to stop and analyze the conditions well, and whether it is really worth investing and trying to solve, or simply leave these situations aside and move on to new opportunities.

Violent Fall

Dreaming of a sudden and violent fall can mean unpreparedness for certain situations, whose expectation is high, however, our subconscious recognizes the lack of emotional capacity to compensate for it.

It is a way that our subconscious has to alert us about the conditions and change our expectations when to some situations, such as a relationship or possibility of a new job.

Maintaining a more realistic expectation, but with positivity and commitment at the right point can help to achieve the goals more easily in these cases.

You Are Falling Off The Roof Of The House

This type of dream reveals insecurity in issues it has been planning, such as certain personal or professional projects.

It is a form of self-awareness that a pause and evaluation, perhaps a replanning, is necessary to avoid possible failures or losses.

Falling From A Tall Building

This dream means a sign of insecurity, fear.

This dream can happen due to unplanned attitudes or due to unusual situations such as a robbery or a recent risk situation.

Falling Down The Stairs

Falling - Dream Meaning And Symbolism 4

Dreaming that you are falling down a ladder can have multiple interpretations, with different shades.

This type of dream can have a positive tone, like a funny situation or one that makes you laugh, as in a comedy remembering an unusual moment lived a short time ago.

Or it may have a more negative tone, since the ladder can mean spiritual ascension.

Falling down a ladder can demonstrate toxic situations that prevent us from evolving.

Fell Into A Hole

Falling - Dream Meaning And Symbolism 5

Dreaming that you fell into a hole can be a warning from the subconscious about some possible friend that we should be more cautious.

Sometimes our subconscious can recognize that someone is being disloyal, and wants to convey this as a message.

Falling On A Motorcycle

Dreaming that you are falling on a motorcycle, or that you have had a fall riding with it does not have a predetermined meaning.

That is, it can have several types of messages, just as it can be just an ordinary dream.

Sometimes it’s just a sign to be careful during a trip, or maybe we can avoid some kind of situation that could put us in danger.

In this type of dream, it is always good to analyze well the context in which the fall occurred.

Falling Into The Mud

Falling into the mud can mean it’s the ideal time to try new ideas, new routines or experiences.

It is a way for our subconscious to say that we need to venture further, and have new memories and experiences in life.

Injury Due To The Fall

This type of dream occurs when the subconscious tries to warn about certain choices, and the risks they may pose.

It is a dream that tries to warn about bad attitudes and impulsivities, which can end up causing evil.

Near-Fatal Fall And Wake Up

This is one of the few positive dreams that involve falling, but waking up a few centimeters from the impact, it can mean that your subconscious feels protected, welcomed by friends and family.

It is a way to positively assess personal self-esteem and a sign that we can feel safer, that we are always being protected by the people around us.

Falling Into A Lake

Another positive kind of dream with fall. This dream reveals a sense of harmony and welcome.

It is a way to demonstrate a positive and calm moment.

Water, in many cultures, means life, ability to grow and produce. A lake has a representation of serenity, calm.

In this way, dreaming is falling into a lake can symbolize a good and quiet phase.

Therefore, it is always good to evaluate the type of fall and what impact it can have.

Although the fall has a strong connection with feelings of insecurity, emotional unpreparedness and tension, depending on the context of the dream and where it occurs, dreaming that it is falling can be a positive indication.

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