Cow – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


To dream of a cow is not very common, is it? And that is exactly why this kind of dream has a very special meaning, with multiple possible interpretations! For this reason it is fundamental that the dreamer tries to remember all the details of the event (as much as possible) to avoid hasty and unfounded analyses.

The cow in many cultures is considered as a sacred animal, and certainly this significance needs to be taken into consideration when analyzing your dream. Continue reading the whole cow dream article carefully and look for the definition that best fits the type of dream you had.

Dream Of A Cow, What It Means?

When we dream of a cow in an absurd context, through images without meaning or logic, this only demonstrates a “mechanical” need of our brain to reorganize its activities, causing these scenes to appear on our mental screen during sleep and therefore without any relevant meaning. Even scenes from movies we have seen or even some image that caught our attention during the day.

The best way we have to distinguish this “mechanical” need from a, shall we say, valid dream, is the context organized in a logical sequence, even if with some strange images. Observe your sleep and identify this difference in order to then seek the best possible interpretation.

Dream Of A Colorful Cow

Colorful Cow

As incredible as it may seem, one of the most important things when it comes to dreaming of a cow is the color of the animal. So, if the color of the cow has impressed you or caught your attention in any way, it is a sign that this is in itself the most important aspect of the dream.

Therefore, the meanings are quite straightforward and objective:

If you dreamed of a black cow, it is a sign that you may be being betrayed in both the professional and affective fields. Stay alert!

If you dreamed of a red cow (or even variations of brown), it indicates that someone really likes you and has a very special love for you.

If the cow is white, it is certain that you will earn good money that you did not expect, besides bringing luck and prosperity.

Light colored cows are also extremely positive. Finally, if the colors are mixed (the traditional spotted cow, observe the predominant color).

Dream Of A Herd Of Cows

If you saw a herd of cows this indicates that you are feeling excluded or even marginalized in some situation or group. If such a dream happens to you, try to observe if you have failed with these people and if so apologize to them, after all it is never too late to recognize our mistakes.

Here it is worth mentioning an important detail: the more cows there are in this herd, the greater is or will be your sadness at this feeling of exclusion and rejection.

With A Cow In The Pasture

Cow In The Pasture

One of the most traditional scenes when we remember this animal is its life in the pasture, which often brings us memories of tranquility, countryside, and calm in a bucolic landscape. And in fact this dream comes to bring you peace of mind and prosperity, because when it appears it is a good time to draw some numbers and play the lottery, after all luck will be on your side.

Dream That You Own A Cow

If you dreamed that you own one or more cows, this means that you will soon have a very pleasant family gathering or party, including the possibility of meeting up again with a family member whom you have not seen for a long time.

If the number of cows is very large, then it is good to prepare yourself, because soon some relative will soon get married. You may be asked to be best man.

With A Cow That Is Suckling

One of the most positive dreams involving cows is when she suckles a calf. For this image in a dream event symbolizes life itself, and so to speak it is quite likely that the family will soon increase, and a very special child will be born.

Another possible interpretation is that the dreamer somehow needs to revive his child side, because for some reason he is very serious and is missing (not seeing) amazing things that are happening around him. Remember: life can’t be all about work either.

Dream That You Are Drawing Milk From A Cow

Milk From A Cow

In the dream world this liquid is very precious, so if you happened to dream that you took milk from a cow you will need to remember what you felt at the moment of milking it. If the feeling was one of happiness, or even if you were looking at it as a natural (neutral) job, then there is a very good possibility that you will receive unexpected money, or even the payment of a debt that you thought you had lost a long time ago.

On the contrary, if when manipulating the cow’s teats your feeling was one of sadness or disgust, this is a sign that very soon someone will charge you with something, a debt or even a pledged word.

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