Ox – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


To dream of an ox is more common than we might imagine, after all, many times it only portrays our own state of mind towards the life we lead at the present moment. In general this type of dream is closely related to our condition of life, and the ox is a figurative piece that may or may not indicate abundance.

However, before any hasty analysis, it is very important that you stop for a while and think about as many details of this dream as possible, especially the parts that caught your attention the most, because they are, so to speak, the main theme of the event.

Dreaming Of An Ox

Continue reading the article and learn the main interpretations of a dream about an ox.

The Ox In Our Society

Before we go exactly to the meanings of dreams it is very important that you understand that the ox is one of the most important animals for mankind, since ancient times when it helped with plowing in agriculture and, especially today, providing humans with meat, leather and other items. Therefore, to dream of an ox holds a very special symbolism (since it is not just any animal), causing the dreamer to redouble his attention to the importance of this event.

Dream Of A Thin Or Fat Ox

Dream Of A Thin Or Fat Ox

One of the first situations that we must observe, if we remember, about the dream involving oxen is whether the animal was fat or thin, because if fat you already live or will soon experience abundance of food, goods and health .

On the other hand, if thin, you may have financial difficulties, the need to sell some family property, or even health complications. Be very attentive and observe the signs.

Dream Of A Sleeping Or Dead Ox

Dead Ox

This is not a good dream, because when we see a sleeping ox in a dream, it means that our life is not prosperous and is stagnant for some very complicated reason. Worse, if the ox is dead it means that you are already living in this situation of penury and it is very hard to get out. In these cases, leave your ego aside and seek help. Many times it is with friends that we can count on to get out of extreme situations.

Dream Of Oxen At Work

Oxen At Work

This is a very good dream, because the ox at work means that the wheel of life is turning as it should and very soon you may receive very good job proposals or even something very rewarding in another sector of life.

But if the ox is at work pulling a cart, then the interpretation changes but is still quite positive, for it is a sign that a great love is on the way or that you may recover a great passion from the past.

Oxen And Colors

The colors of oxen are strongly linked to money and professional success, so if the ox is black or very dark, it is a sign that you should not invest at the moment and you need to be careful with your spending. Finally, if it is spotted, look for the interpretation by the predominant color!

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