Fishing – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

To dream of fishing has a special meaning, the fish represent the desires trapped in the unconscious. Everything may be related to the fulfillment of some desires that are repressed by you.

Every fishing trip has a fish and the relationship of this to the desires that are in the background, that is, latent in the subconscious. Not always having this kind of dream will mean that if you go to sea, you will find many fish.

If you dreamed of fishing, know that there are several interpretations, and even the size of the fish will have great influence. Sometimes it may simply be a feeling that something is going to happen, and it may be good or bad.

To Dream Of Fishing

To dream of fishing means that you need to be much more careful with your emotions. The human being has the habit of repressing some emotions for fear of suffering later, as if it were a defense.

Some studies call this selective amnesia, that is, you first try to repress and then try to “forget” those bad emotions. For example: an argument with your friends, a fight with friends, or the end of a relationship.

Especially in the field of love, it is indicated to be very careful when dreaming that you are fishing. This means that these emotions can make you lose the control that you have over them.

To Dream Of Fishing For Many Fish

If in your dream you catch many fish, this is a sign that something wonderful is going to happen in your life. You will be able to overcome the difficulties you are experiencing in a short period of time and in a definite way.

It will be the moment to continue to persist and to fight, because everything will be all right, and things will be in their right place. To dream of fishing for many fish is a good sign and indicates that it is only necessary for you to keep moving forward.

Fishing With A Net

Fishing With A Net

Fishing with a net is a bad omen, it is one that something bad is coming. If the net is empty it is a harbinger for you to start thinking carefully before making any decisions in your life.

If the net is torn or damaged it is simply an indication that there will be disappointments in your life in various areas and you will need a lot of faith to get through this complicated phase.

To dream of several fish in a net is a sign of great success, that is, you will enter a tide of luck in your life. It is important to take advantage of the moment and enjoy this wonderful phase that is about to arrive.

Ice Fishing

To dream of ice fishing is an indication that you need to pay close attention to your emotional state. Past emotions have a great influence in people’s lives, and it is important to try your best to overcome them.

Fishing On Ice

Fishing On Ice

To dream that you are fishing on ice means that it will be the time to face all your resistances in dealing with emotions. You will need to remember everything that bothers you and work on resolving these issues intelligently.

Some feelings are difficult to carry, and expressing them can be complicated, because they were unpleasant. The great advantage of resolving them is the feeling of being lighter and having overcome a bad memory.

Catching Dead Fish

The dead fish has a very interesting meaning, and means that you will miss a great opportunity for success. It indicates that you wasted a chance and now you need to have patience to make up for that lost time.

If in your dream you hold a dead fish by the hand, it means that your bad omens will come true in a short time. The disappointments will be strong, but after a while you will be able to overcome them all.

The dream also means that the efforts used to solve everything will be in vain. It is recommended that you have a lot of prudence, faith, and persistence, because things can change quickly.

Fishing With Fishing Rods And Hooks

Fishing Rods And Hooks

To dream of fishing with fishing rods symbolizes that you are prepared to explore your personality as a whole. Be it in your professional life or even in the personal field, that is, you will have the chance to achieve a great evolution.

The tools to achieve this great change are already in your hands, and all that remains is to make use of them. The hooks indicate that you need to let go of some habits that have become addictions and can harm you immediately.

It is time to do some self-analysis and find out what these “hooks” are, in other words, what is holding you back. For example: the habit of making excuses for not achieving your goals can be one of them.

If the hook is attached to a hair, it is important to pay attention to it, because it means that you are still held back by some ties from the past.

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