Panther – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


This is perhaps one of the most terrifying dreams there is, mainly because of the fame that this animal has. If you dream of a panther, it is important to pay attention, because it can be either good or bad. Everything will depend on several factors and mainly on what happened in the context of the dream you had.

It is recommended that before reading it you understand that it will not always be possible to indicate with certainty what it means. To have a better chance, it is important that you remember all the details. If you can do this, it is likely that you will know exactly what this type of dream may indicate.

What Are The Most Common Meanings For Dreaming Of A Panther?

The panther is associated with the female gender, meaning that it is determined, fierce and at the same time vain. It is in the dead of night that this creature appears, and to dream of a panther is a sign that there is conflict within you. Your good and bad sides are constantly fighting, and you will need wisdom to overcome this.

The ideal is to always look inside yourself and try to separate what is important and what is not. Nowadays the people who are able to make this differentiation have an advantage over the others. If you want to get through this phase, it will be important to learn to separate these two sides.

Seeing A Panther

If you dreamed that you saw a panther, this is a clear sign that there is a great conflict within you. Your determination and insight have made you stand out from the crowd. But the fear of making enemies has made you live for others and not for yourself.

White Panther

White Panther

As a general rule, this animal will always be black, but if it is white, it is a good omen for your life. To dream of a white panther is a sign that you will learn a good lesson from these problems. In a short time you will see that although it is a bad time, it is from this that you will be able to find answers.

Dead Panther

This dream indicates a situation in which you will need to be smart in order not to be swallowed by your ego. No matter how hard working and self-assured you are, your vanity is creating enemies around you. Seek to be someone a little more humble towards others and in a short time you will see all this change.

Panther In Water

Panther In Water

Water represents the cleansing and purity of your soul, that is, your unconscious is asking you to purify yourself. This anguish and anxiety to have everything for yesterday needs to stay in the past, because it will be better. It would be interesting to get back in touch with God, read a book, or even take a trip.

To Dream Of A Panther In A Herd

Panthers usually hunt alone and don’t go around in packs, so if you had this dream it is a good sign. Soon from where you least expect will come great news that will change your life. God is always working to help you, and you just need to be receptive to take advantage of the chance given.

Panther In The City

This is a clear and objective indication that you are not feeling comfortable in the situation you are in. It is indicated that you try to get out of your inertia and look for something that gives you pleasure in being alive. Try to change your readings or spend more and always give things a chance to happen.

Panther Cub

Panther Cub

To dream of a panther as a calf is a bad omen for the children around you. They may be in need of your help and you have not yet noticed, so pay attention. If you can observe something strange, it is time to take more care of them or pay attention to them.

Panther Attacking You

As complicated as this phase you are going through may be, you will soon get over it. Your capacity to absorb problems has been so great that many are able to pay attention to you. Keep faith in God and cherish every moment, because this difficulty has been an input for you.

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