Heights – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming afraid of heights is a very complicated thing and can make people wake up terrified. Only this kind of dream indicates that the problems you suffer have been causing your life not to move forward. For this reason it is essential that you take some extra care and the main thing is to maintain the faith.

Fear of heights nothing more than a warning that you need to pay more attention to your life. Even with everything not going the right way it is important to maintain resignation in God. Above you there is a will that is always more supreme and in a while you will see that this phase has passed soon.

Is Dreaming Afraid Of Heights A Bad Omen?

If you dreamed of it is a clear sign that you have let problems take hold of you. In real life, fear of heights is called acrophobia and causes people to avoid high places. You have avoided the new and have not yet realized that you live the same thing and therefore do not overcome all this.

Try to understand that everything new will need a longer adaptation time and innovation is important. The people who stand out most always have an incessant search for new things. Nowadays like these it is always essential that you seek experiences that allow you to grow.

Seeing A Very High Place

Seeing A Very High Place

Dreaming of heights is a sign that your conscience asks you to do an analysis of your life. It is essential to look at everything from a higher panorama and so you are able to understand everything. Try to correct what is not the way you want and will be evolving.

Being able to grow personally should be a goal for your life and everyone has only two options. You can learn out of love or pain and that choice will only be yours, so always opt for the best.

Being Afraid Of Heights

Afraid Of Heights

This kind of dream is a clear sign that problems are causing you to not grow. Difficulties appear in your life so that you are able to always be someone better. Your life will be much better when you learn that the trajectory is always an eternal learning experience.

Dreaming of heights is a sign that you have not yet learned to deal with your problems and this has harmed you. An interesting tip for you is to seek self-knowledge, because the key will be contained in it.

Watching Someone Be Afraid Of Heights

Someone very close to you has been having serious problems and maybe you can help her in the best way. These people around you may need a friendly word and you have conditions. Try whenever possible to help these people, because tomorrow you may have problems and you will be helped.

Sometimes a friend, relative or partner just needs a conversation and nothing else. If you have the ability to repair this, you will see that sometimes the best way to help is to pay attention to that person.

Dream Afraid Of Heights In A Building

Afraid Of Heights In A Building

The problems of your professional life have made you unhappy at all times. That promotion didn’t come out and you’ve constantly seen some people don’t deserve to be promoted and you don’t. It is indicated that you try to stay firm, because your time will come soon.

Dreaming afraid of heights in a building is a clear sign that you need to be more patient. Sometimes a boss can only notice his real value when someone else moves up and doesn’t match.

Fear Of Height On A Plane

This meaning is without a doubt the best of this post and indicates that in a little while you will travel. Your romantic partner will invite you to make an unforgettable trip to a special location and will be for two. Your fear is to show you to the other party that you have flaws, only that he/she loves exactly these flaws.

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