Exorcism – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

One of the worst things for some is to dream of exorcism, especially because of the approach that movies give. This type of dream usually gives fear, however the meaning is connected to mysticism. Often it will just indicate that your soul is wandering while you are sleeping.

When one sleeps, one’s soul (spirit) does not fall asleep and begins to travel through astral planes. It may seem like a very miraculous subject, but the reality is that this kind of thing does happen. Everything will be properly explained in the post and will leave the understanding better, because that is the intention.

What It Means To Dream Of Exorcism?

The main meaning is connected to the way you face your problems and that is precisely the problem. This type of dream will demonstrate the need to work hard at solving them all. The main idea is that dreaming about exorcism indicates some meanings to you.

To make it easier to understand, it was necessary to divide them into the 7 most common types of dreams. Since usually something very similar will happen in the following topics. Remember that there may even be similar meanings:

You Are Being Exorcised

You Are Being Exorcised

This is a type of dream that has to do with the influence that your problems are causing you. Since the priest is nothing more than yourself, it is basically a problem trying to possess you.

The reality behind this is simple, and all you have to do is keep your faith in God and also in yourself. It is likely that in a short time everything will get better and you will be able to achieve all the goals you have been trying for so long.

Exorcism Of A Stranger

The meaning of this dream has a lot to do with the way you have been facing other people. To dream of an exorcism of a stranger indicates that sometimes you look at others with a different vision.

This is the right time to make a difference, and the best thing is to change right now. Those who can do this will have a much better chance of achieving their goals, and this is always important.

With A Possessed Priest

To dream of a priest possessed may indicate the need for you to have more faith. It is noticeable that problems are getting higher and higher, meaning that you will need to be vigilant and seek to correct them. The best way is by being you, so avoid complaining and fight to win this great dispute.

Woman’s Exorcism

Woman's Exorcism

Women have a keener sixth sense, and so this type of dream will indicate the need to explore it. This is the right time to begin the process of change and to analyze what is not working.

Basically it means that within a short period of time, everything will work out for the best. The biggest responsible for this was you, and the dream just showed you a path that needed to be traveled.

Man being exorcised

A man will always have an aspect of great masculinity, that is, strength and mainly virility. When he is being exorcised, this is a sign that something needs to change, and this should be the main thought.

Your attitude towards problems has not been the best, so try to have an understanding about changing your actions. This is the time to change, and in the end it will be this kind of attitude that will make everything work.

Child Being Exorcised

Perhaps among all the types of dreams, to dream of the exorcism of a child will be something very strong. This type of dream indicates that within a short time a child will appear in your life and you need to help him.

It does not always mean that it will be a child, but some children who may need help from you. All that remains is to help, because being charitable is one of the most important principles that will always deserve attention.

Priest Exorcising

Priest Exorcising

A priest exorcising means that you are facing head-on every adversity that has appeared in your life. Your determination is great, and will make everyone admire you more and more in the end.

The tip is that you should try to keep evolving, because in the end this is what will make a difference and will bring you advantages. But to confirm this, you will have to start over every day, and this is the best time to do it.

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