Meat – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of meat in general is an excellent omen, because it represents since ancient times not only the abundance of material goods, but also happiness, success and prosperity.

Did you just have a dream about meat? Continue reading the article and learn more about the interpretation of your dream.

If the meat was well cooked be happy!

Because this dream is extremely positive, because it only reflects that in a short time you or someone in your family will have financial abundance and will be able to realize all the dreams of the family. In general, even if this abundance is not directed at you, some kind of benefit will receive. Rejoice!

Dream Of Raw Meat

Dream Of Raw Meat

If the meat was raw it is a sign that you are about to experience an overwhelming passion! Partly this is very good, because who doesn’t want to experience love in its most exciting form? However, especially if you are a committed person, be careful to avoid a possible betrayal that can cause you problems. In this case interpret the dream as a warning sign.

Dream Of Rotten Meat

Rotten Meat

Many people who dream of rotten meat, even impressed by the disgusting aspect of the play, believe that something bad will happen. However, the meaning is quite different! This type of dream only shows the dreamer that a certain cycle is over and that another is about to begin.

For example, if you have gone through dramas in the area of love, then the dream expresses that the time has come to bury all that depressive feeling, because a new love will come. And that goes for finance or any other kind of subject.

Has The Meat Just Been Removed From The Animal?

Meat Just Been Removed From The Animal

This kind of dream also leaves the person very amazed, not least because it is not interesting to see an animal being slaughtered and soon after see its mutilated flesh. In any case this is another dream of alert, especially to pay more attention to people in your own family or circle of friends.

Even so, this kind of dream also reveals that if you take the necessary actions and stay alert, you will become the winner, that is, no one will be able to deceive you.

If the animal in question is a human being, however bizarre it may seem to double the attention, as it means that someone you have always trusted may try to trick you into gaining financial advantages. Watch out!

Other possible interpretations.
In addition to the state of the flesh, other situations deserve our attention, such as:

If the meat tasted good it’s a sign that plenty will come even faster! If she was bad it may take a while to come, but it will! And buying meat simply means double plenty!

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