Pig – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of pigs can have numerous meanings, because it is a complex dream and deserves deep analysis for a proper interpretation.

The pig, in our western society, is considered an animal devoid of cleanliness and that can transmit some unwanted diseases. However, at the same time, it is an intelligent, cunning and strong animal.

Dreaming Of Pig In General

Dreaming of pig, therefore, generally reflects that we are going through an intense inner battle on account of a certain issue. For example: assuming you are in doubt whether or not to reveal a secret to your loved one. This inner conflict may cause you to dream of the pig, but the best option should be taken by you, not only from what you observed in the details of the dream, but also from what you think is right to do.

Dreamed Of Dead Pig

Dead Pig

At first this kind of dream may seem that something bad is about to happen, however it is quite the opposite! Dreaming of dead pig means plenty and prosperity in your life. And makes a direct representation to the great banquets where the pig was served on platters amid much celebration and happiness.

Dreamed Of Black Or Dark Pork

That’s not a good sign. It is actually a warning from the cosmos to be prepared, because on a very special day for you, maybe your own birthday will be a day to forget, since something embarrassing or that will disappoint you a lot will happen. Try to stay calm when this happens.

Dream Of Pork White Or Clear

Dream of white or light pork? This type of dream is an excellent omen, as it means that you will be lucky and will be able to win a considerable sum of money in games (however it is necessary to play to win). In addition, it means that it is on the right track regarding some important subject, and it is the signal for you to continue forward without giving up, since everything will work out.

The pig can also be a sign of financial prosperity, not for nothing many people keep money in pigs. If in the dream you observed several white or light colored pigs, it will mean plenty of material goods. In general, the greater the number of these pigs during the dream, the greater this financial abundance.

Did The Pig Behave Strangely Or Bite You?

Pig Behave Strangely Or Bite You

The fact that the pig performs strange behaviors needs to be well analyzed, but in general if the pig shows threatening signs or even chance performs an attack and bites, it is a warning sign indicating that someone connected to your circle of friends or even within the family may try to harm you in some way, stay tuned!

Was The Pig Small?

It is a sign that a child will very soon be born in the family. It may not be from the dreamer himself, but it indicates that he will be very positively involved by this new child in parental love bonds.

If it is more than one puppy, more than one child can also reach the family in a short time.

Were You Preparing The Pig To Eat?

If you dreamed that you were preparing a delicious pig to eat, especially if the scenery is all armed, that is, with that big and plentiful table, family gathered, flowers, etc. The dream is extremely positive!

Dreaming Of Pig To Eat

Pig To Eat

Dream of pork ready to eat? There are distinct interpretations for this kind of dream! I will report the main ones: the first possible meaning is that you may be forgetting an important date for someone, it could be the date of a birthday, the date of a wedding, the date of a payment or even the date of an appointment made. Check your schedule for this possibility.

Another possible interpretation is to avoid spending on unnecessary things, try to better guide your budget.

Finally, there is still the possibility that it will be close to an important festive date, such as a birthday of a loved one or even Christmas and something very good for you will happen at this event. So stay calm and live intensely this moment that will positively enter the history of your life.

You know, dreaming of pig is not that bad, but see dreams as small warnings from our subconscious so that we stay tuned to our life.

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