Shoes – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Shoes were undoubtedly one of the most important things that man invented, because it is they who protect us from cold, heat and everything else he can imagine. It is they who support our weight and dreaming of shoes has a lot to do with it.

You already know that it will vary a lot from person to person, just try to reflect on what you have read and what you have dreamed of and take your interpretation yourself.

I leave below several meanings of dreaming of shoes to understand what indicates your dream. Let’s know if it’s good or bad omen? If you like to know more about the history of the shoe I see it here!

Dream Of Used Shoes, Old Or Dirty

Used Shoes, Old Or Dirty

Old or dirty shoes indicate success, your goals are about to be realized and on top of that you will be recognized for such a thing.

New Shoes

This dream is undoubtedly a good omen, because you had a dream about new shoes know that you are about to have big changes in your life. It means luck in love and family, if you want to find the true loved one and think you haven’t, this is a good time conducive to it.

Black Shoes

This is not a good dream…if you dreamed of black shoes it indicates that something is not right with you. Reflect on how you have acted in recent times and whether this is what is creating conflicts with yourself. Be strong, and try to correct the instability inside you.

Red Shoes

The color red is most often linked to the color of love or passion, so if you had such a dream you can be quite happy, because a great love approaches without it being able to see it. When you realize you will be very much in love and living unforgettable moments.

White Shoes

White Shoes

The white color symbolizes peace, if you dreamed of it indicates that moments of peace, harmony and tranquility are coming to you. Finally you will find your inner peace that you are so seeking.

Baby Shoes

Dreaming of baby shoes means you have found the right place to live, you have finally found the place where you like it feels good. It also indicates that from this dream there will be no major changes in moving cities, etc…

Comfortable Shoes

Another very good dream, get ready that new love will come soon. Let your heart beat again, as happy moments will come to change your life for good.

Uncomfortable Shoes

Unlike dreaming of comfortable shoes this dream is a bad omen, as it indicates that you will go through a bad time when it comes to love. Be strong, you’ll get out of this well.

Lose Shoes

If in the dream you didn’t know about your shoes, it means that in real life you are also a little lost. That is, you have to put your foot firmly on the ground and see where you are going wrong. Start by looking at the little things around you and see where you’re going wrong. (small gestures make big changes.)

Change Shoes

Indicates that your unconscious wants to change something, see if you have felt a desire to change your life for example or someone’s life. If yes, change do not be afraid, running well or badly, life is in constant motion.

Women’s High Heels

Women's High Heels

High heels undoubtedly leave any woman looking sexy. If you dream of high heels, it indicates that someone keeps an eye on you, admiring your feminine qualities. If you dreamed that the high heels broke indicates that you will have some problems, because it has been too authoritarian.

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