Turtle – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


The turtle is not only an exotic animal, both in its appearance and in its habits, is one of the symbols of patience and longevity, because some turtle species can live up to two hundred years!

In general, dreaming of turtle is synonymous with a lot of happiness in your way or someone very close.

However, dreaming of turtle can have several possible interpretations. That’s why it’s good to remember what you dreamed of with caution, because:

Dreaming Of Turtle

If you dreamed of a turtle swimming or walking on land, whatever, get ready for a huge and rewarding surprise! Something unexpected and very good will happen in your life very soon, however be patient and do not be anxious!

Also, act naturally, so as not to demonstrate that you already knew something before!

What Can A Shrunken Turtle Inside The Hull Mean?

Shrunken Turtle Inside

The hull of a turtle is one of the most faithful representations of our home and when we dream of a turtle shrunk inside the hull itself it means that we are experiencing some kind of fear, be it conscious or unconscious, because to defend ourselves we seek refuge from home.

Whatever it is, do not let fear dominate you, because it paralyzes us and our life ends up stagnating.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Broken Turtle Shell?

Broken Turtle Shell

Dreaming of a broken turtle shell means problems in the home! Whether it be disagreements with relatives living in the house or problems you will have to face with the structure of the house itself (reforms) or regarding the documentation of the property.

However, fear not! Because even seeing a broken hull you will be able to solve everything at the right time! Have the patience of a turtle.

What Can It Mean When We Kill A Turtle In A Dream?

Although it sounds bad, when we kill a turtle in a dream, amazing as it may seem, it’s a good sign! For it only indicates that we will be able to solve some kind of pending or problem that torments our mind or that has dragged on for years.

If in the dream you kill the turtle at sea, that luck will be doubled!

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Turtle Attacking Us?

Turtle Attacking

Remember that the turtle is a peaceful and patient animal before doing any kind of hasty analysis of the dream in which a turtle bites or attacks you in some way.

In fact it is only a manifestation of your subconscious to vent a feeling of outburst! To tell some truths to someone, be it from our family, from our circle of friends or even to strangers with whom we had some discussion.

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