Tiger – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


Dreaming of tiger can have several interpretations such as strength, determination, vigor and perseverance. In each culture this dream can have a very distinct meaning, such as envy, pride and even cruelty. It’s up to you to always reflect a little and try to interpret the dream in the best way with the tips I’m going to give below.

Imagine that you dreamed of a tiger that appears out of nowhere in the dream, it can mean that very soon you may have to face an adversity that will force you to fight for the fulfillment of your dreams. It may also represent fears or may indicate the power of some people over you.

Dream Of Tiger

Dream Of Tiger

But what is it really like to dream of a tiger? As I said above everything will depend on the context. How the tiger came about in the dream, what you did or we’re doing or even like this your current life, whether you have problems or not. Below I have separated several meanings in several different contexts for you to better understand the dream.

Tiger Loose

If you dreamed that the tiger was loose walking down the street or elsewhere, it may indicate danger. This danger does not come from outside but from yourself. It may represent the freedom you are given to certain impulses of yours that can endanger you. It is best to be careful before making any decision.

Loose Tame Tiger

Dreaming of a loose tame tiger indicates that a phase of great prosperity is coming in your life. Good things are about to come, stay tuned and enjoy the best you can.

Dead Tiger

Dreaming of dead tiger is a good omen, it indicates that you will overcome great obstacles in your life, which will give you a very great personal satisfaction. It has the same meaning if you kill a tiger in a dream.

Tiger In The Dream

If you saw a brave tiger that was attacking you, it indicates that you feel persecuted by some people, it may be a friend or someone close, as a co-worker or even within your love relationship. Reflect a little and think if you have any feelings that are causing you a strange feeling towards someone.

If in the dream the tiger was just preparing to attack you, once again reflect on your life, there may be a person close to you who is jealous of you.

Tiger In A Cage

Dreaming of a tiger inside a cage bodes well, it means that your friends can’t hurt you no matter how hard they try.

If the tiger is from a crico, it already symbolizes that there can be a treacherous someone near you. (because a circus tiger at any time can attack even its owner who gives it food every day).

White Tiger

White Tiger

When we dream of a white tiger we can have two ways of interpreting, it goes a lot of what has happened in our life. It may indicate prosperity as the death of a person close to you. It goes a little bit of your instinct and the way you reflect on the dream you had.

With Tiger Cub

Tiger Cub

If you dream of a tiger cub, it indicates that you are surrounded by true friends and that you should give them more value and attention. Don’t go around thinking they’re all your friends, deep down you know who they are.

Tiger Resting

Dreaming of a resting tiger means you may be settling in some situation in your life. You are failing to fight for your dreams or projects, or even settling in a love situation.

Never settle down or give up easily on anything, fight and insist always when you see that it’s worth it. If the tiger was asleep indicates that you are out, and without energies to fight for what you really want, if that’s what you want to fight and never give up anything.

As you have seen dreaming of a tiger can have several different interpretations and meanings even though the context is similar. We are all different people, it is up to each of us to reflect a little on life and try to feel the best possible interpretation.

Dreaming of tiger can be positive or negative, but see it only as a sign of your subconscious. If your dream was not described here please leave the comment below that I will reply badly can.

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