Watermelon – Dream Meaning and Symbolism


It’s not very common to dream of fruit, right? In general we dream of some situations, people, landscapes, but with fruit it is something rare. So when we dream of a fruit specifically it is a sign that we are receiving a special message from the cosmos for our life. What if you dream of watermelon, for example? What is the meaning of dreaming of a watermelon? What relationship can watermelon have with our daily lives?

I Dreamed Of Watermelon, What Now?

Well, the first thing we recommend to the esteemed reader before even seeking the meanings of the dream is to calm down, take a deep breath and seek to patiently remember all possible details of the dream!

This is fundamental, because we often have a revealing dream, we wake up remembering everything, but whether by the ringing of the alarm clock or even with someone’s speech, we end up forgetting. And just knowing that we dream of a fruit without certain details doesn’t help much.

Therefore, this rule is paramount, first of all try to remember the details you can of the dream, even if you write it down on a piece of paper to check later, but do it.

Dream Of Eating A Watermelon?

Eating A Watermelon

Dreaming that you eat a watermelon (the more you lick yourself the better) is a sign of plenty and luck! Many dream experts recommend that it be the ideal time to do that lottery or any other game involving luck.

Some more excited believe it is a warning from the cosmos to close excellent deals, such as buying a property, car or even starting a business of your own.

Dreaming Of A Big Watermelon, What Does It Mean?

Big Watermelon

Did you dream of a watermelon outside traditional standards? Is she really big? So that means a period of great happiness or fun is coming. Maybe a big party that will be very pleasant to you, an unforgettable family trip, some event in the company where you work extremely motivating or even in your honor, in short, celebrations in sight! You can separate the champagne now!

I Just Dreamed I Saw A Watermelon, What Does That Mean?

Dreamed I Saw A Watermelon

This interpretation is associated with the one we have just explained, because the size of the watermelon is fundamental for the interpretation of this dream! If it is extremely large and out of the normal standards for this fruit, then it will have the meaning expressed above, i.e. a lot of happiness and fun soon. However, if it is only bulky or small, then the meaning of the dream will change.

This is because the size of the watermelon will determine a person’s degree of passion for us! That’s right! Dreaming of small watermelon means that a feeling of love for you is sprouting in someone’s heart! And the bigger the fruit, the greater the feeling of that person.

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